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Mobile Coop Run Extension


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Key Points

Custom Made to Match Your Coop

Attaches to existing Mobile Coop and adds another ~20ft² of run space
Quick release
Compatibility Note
Please Note: We have customers who from time-to-time purchase our accessories to use with non Urban Coop Company products. Due to the custom nature of our accessories design and fabrication, we cannot warrant the suitability of their use outside their intended purpose.
Shipping Rate Notice

Please Note: This accessory ships for free when purchased with a coop due to bulk rate shipping on packages. * Zone based per item rate calculated in cart starting from shown price.

Advanced Hen & Egg Chart

Hen Capacity Color Key: Bantam Sizes / Average Sizes / Large Breeds

Data Given In Format 


Egg Production

(per week)

Run Width x Length

(In feet rounded)

Run Space
(Feet squared)

Hen Capacity
(No Free Range Time)

Hen Capacity
(With Free Range Time)


16-24 | Same

4'x5' | 4'x10'

20ft² | 40ft²

6/4/2 6/4/2



24-36 | 36-48

5'x5' | 5'x10'

25ft² | 50ft²




24-36 | Same

5'x6' | 5'x8'

30ft² | 40ft²



Chicken Loft

48-60 | n/a

9'x6' | n/a

54ft² | n/a

14/10/8 n/a

14/10/8 n/a


60-72 | Up to 100

10'x8' | 15'x8'

80ft² | 120ft²

30/20/12 35/25/15

30/20/12 35/25/15


80-100 | n/a

10.5'x6.5' | n/a

68.25ft² | n/a

30/20/12 | n/a

30/20/12 | n/a

Full Detailed Version of This Chart