Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

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It's like a chicken SUV for up to 10 hens... boringly amazing.  Keeps a family of 4+ supplied with fresh eggs!

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More Than 10,000 Chickens Call Them Home…
The Round-Top Backyard Coop lets you add to the standard coop (shown in main photo) now, or at anytime in the future. Its looks are undeniably great, its functionality guaranteeing a great chicken keeping experience and awesome accessories make it even better. The Backyard Coop is a strong safe easy keeping design that is suitable for all climates. Literally 10’s of thousands of chickens call Round-Top Coops™ home in all 50 states.

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2-6 hens 2-10 hens Up to 48 per week

Overall Width: 58″ | Length: 58″ | Height: 64″ (For detailed dimensions, click “Product Specs/Chicken Capacity” below)

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DIY assembly in about 3 hours

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Design Concept

Key Design Concepts for the Round-Top Backyard Coop :

Our original and wildly popular coop has succeeded because of a unique combination of good looks, practicality, quality and easy assembly. There is no better way to keep your family in several dozen eggs each week, freshly produced and delivered right to your backyard without ever going to the store.
Up to 6 chickens in standard form and expandability up to 10 chickens.
Excellent cold or hot climate performance.
External access to water, feed and egg collections.
Stands below a normal 6 foot fence.
Ships to a customer's door not a freight terminal.
Easy access to hens in the roost.
Elegant style and obvious attention to craftsmanship.
High predator resistance.
Modular design allowing basic coop to be added to over time.
  10+ year service life performance via cedar and heavy duty galvanized hardware.
  Quick easy assembly with only a cordless drill.
  Kid friendly.
  Can be picked up and moved if needed with 2-3 people.
  Made in USA and as many materials as possible sourced in N. America.
  No-Poop 4+ day supply waterer that can be freeze protected.
  No-Poop 4+ day supply feeder.
  Value: If you were to source your own materials, design and build a like quality product, the cost and the time would make our price a better deal.
Key Points

The Gold-Standard in Urban Chicken Coops…


We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the US and Canada and are confident our coop will be a big part of the joy you will get from your backyard flock and look great doing it year-after-year.
Handcrafted from 100% Real Cedar. Will last many years with or without painting.
Simple pre-drilled holes, can be easily assembled in about two hours with only a drill and a hammer. Screw bits and everything else you need is in the box.
Has 2 additional accessory ports for waterer(s) and/or feeder(s)
Provides two adjustable roost bars for sleepy hard working hens. Your girls deserve a roost like they get in nature and will adjust to smaller breeds like Silkies.
Heavy duty construction with a clever design allows coop to be moved around or taken apart and relocated.
Our Roost-over-Run™ design is ergonomically friendly. Requires little or no stooping or bending over to manage your hens.
Updraft ventilated roost. Assures the respiratory health and safety of your hens in hot or cold climates. No stinky poop trays.
Available integrated EZ-Fill Feeder and EZ-Fill Waterer. Feed and water your flock standing up outside the coop! No cleaning of stinky waterers or messy feeders, doesn’t take up valuable run space.
Six chickens if kept penned full-time with no free ranging or up to 10 average sized hens where periodic free ranging is feasible or with our Run Extension.
Built with all galvanized metal hardware and all weather advanced joinery methods. Rugged long lasting tangible quality.
Made with heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized predator proof welded wire. No chicken wire, no hardware cloth. As safe of a coop there is.
We calculate hen population based on ~4 ft² per bird run space (free range by Gov’t standards) adequate roost bar space, egg box space, and quantity and number of feed and water units. You add extra space because you’re being extra generous on space, or you’re adding room for extra hens in an optional configuration.

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Product Specs / Chicken Capacity
Dimensions: Run Area: 58″W x 58″L x 27″H
Roost Area: 39″W x 39″L x 34″H
Overall Height 64″
Weight: Fully Assembled 200-225 lbs.
Roost Sub Assembly 70 lbs (detach to relocate)
Run Sub Assembly 110 lbs (with detachable panel removed)Detachable Front Panel 20 lbs
(weights given are for fully dry wood and are shown separately to indicate that the coop is movable in sub assembled state )
Chicken Capacity: Averaged sized hens…
6 – Backyard Base Coop
10 – 1 or 2 run extensions
Shipping: DIY Kits Delivered in 3 boxes by Ground Delivery
Box 1: 58x26x8
Box 2: 58x26x8
Box 3: 39x37x8
Live Somewhere Really Cold?

A Bright Way To Keep Out The Cold Winds & Snow In The Winter… Take Them Off When Things Warm Up!
multi-climate-1Live somewhere cold? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Almost every breed of adult chicken when kept dry and out of the wind chill are very, very cold hardy… even in sub zero temperatures. So if you can keep the water from freezing, the snow from accumulating in the run areas and keep sub zero winds off your flock… they’re good to go. And our Storm Panels let in critical light during short winter days. Attach and detach 3D-printed retaining clips from wired panels. 

Coop waterers are shipped with a slotted cap that allows the water to breathe air as the water goes down.

We make the slot big enough to allow a cord of an immersible heater to go through too.
See the Easy-Fill Waterer & Storm Panel accessory pages for your model coop for more details. There are links to buy the heaters that fit from Amazon or other stores.
What to Expect

What to Expect After the Sale

Whether you’re a first time backyard chicken rancher or a seasoned veteran, we want you to have a premiere experience with Roost & Root. We realize our coop is a significant investment for most people and take seriously making sure you’re satisfied and hope you will tell others.
First Contact If you don’t order from us over the phone, you should expect an email or call after you place your order on our site to let you know we got your order and that we understand everything correctly.
DeliveryYour exact ship date is shown after placing order and in your order confirmation email. You should expect to receive large boxes or on larger or assembled coops a palletized motor freight shipment.
Coop Assembly & Setup Written instructions are provided with every coop and on each coops product page too. We get calls with questions from less than 5% of customers when they are setting up their new coop. Just know that if for any reason you need help, we answer our phone at all but the rudest of hours and are happy to assist. In the rare event that there is shipping damage, a missing part or a mis-manufactured part, we ship out a new part right away. We hand-make your coop so it is possible that we make a mistake. It is rare, but it does happen. Coop assembly overview videos are available on-line at YouTube.
Getting Your Hens Situated In Their New Home If you’re not already experienced, we expect that we will be one of your main resources for you to get comfortable with keeping hens. We expect that you will contact us with questions about chicken keeping until you know what you need to know to be comfortable. We as a family have hundreds of hens at any point in time, and use our coops to house many of them. Chickens are incredibly hardy and after you get to know how it all works you’ll be amazed how little effort it is and how much fun it can be. Each of the instruction sets have particular suggestions for getting started with that coop.
Gravity Feeders

A note about gravity style feeders…

Urban Coop Company - Stand-Up Chicken Coop
Our new EZ-Fill Feeder² is improved and will easily hold a long weekends worth of food. Gravity feeders are a class of feeders that, as the name implies, rely on gravity to dispense feed. Chickens eat, and more falls down. ANY gravity feeder can clog, although our new EZ-Fill Feeders² fight this tendency.
In high humidity areas, with certain feeds, during certain seasons of the year, our feeders can clog too. If a feeder did clog, shaking the feeder will almost all the time dislodge the food. Feed absorbs moisture. Some feeds contain anti-clumping agents to keep them from absorbing moisture during manufacturing and those feeds do best.
Many times, more expensive organic feeds do not have anti clumping agents in them, and are in fact, more susceptible to clogging.Experiment with different feeds that are available in your area to discover what’s best. But you will no doubt, sooner or later, need to shake tap or poke at the feed to dislodge it.
Customers report feed stored in original paper feed bags clogs less. At least with our Easy-Fill Feeders, you’re doing it from outside the coop 🙂


Assembly Support

Backyard Coop Assembly Information

We designed the Round-Top™ Backyard Chicken Coop™ to be easily assembled by two people of average skill in about two or three hours. All needed tools and fasteners are included in the box with a set of current instructions. You provide a cordless drill, a hammer and some elbow grease.
Handyman Hotline: If at anytime you (or your handyman) needs support that the instructions or videos don't answer, just call us. You can even have your handyman call us in advance so that when they show up to assemble your coop they're already up to speed.
Web Res 8M Adobe .PDF File VJ Updated 4/23/19
High-Res 70M Adobe .PDF File VJ Updated 4/23/19

We’ve created a video series that gives a complete idea of what goes into assembling a Round-Top™ Backyard Chicken Coop. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.

The printed instructions that come with your coop and the .pdf file on the other Assembly Instructions Tab are always the latest version.



Advanced Hen & Egg Chart

Hen Capacity Color Key: Bantam Sizes / Average Sizes / Large Breeds

Data Given In Format 


Egg Production

(per week)

Run Width x Length

(In feet rounded)

Run Space
(Feet squared)

Hen Capacity
(No Free Range Time)

Hen Capacity
(With Free Range Time)


16-24 | Same

4'x5' | 4'x10'

20ft² | 40ft²

6/4/2 6/4/2



24-36 | 36-48

5'x5' | 5'x10'

25ft² | 50ft²




24-36 | Same

5'x6' | 5'x8'

30ft² | 40ft²



Chicken Loft

48-60 | n/a

9'x6' | n/a

54ft² | n/a

14/10/8 n/a

14/10/8 n/a


60-72 | Up to 100

10'x8' | 15'x8'

80ft² | 120ft²

30/20/12 35/25/15

30/20/12 35/25/15


80-100 | n/a

10.5'x6.5' | n/a

68.25ft² | n/a

30/20/12 | n/a

30/20/12 | n/a

Full Detailed Version of This Chart

Pros & Cons

Pluses & Minuses of the Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop™:

After selling thousands of coops in all 50 states to a variety of people keeping a broad range of chickens in our coops we've learned a thing or two and would love to share. While this list certainly isn't perfect or exhaustive we hope it can help shape expectations and help you make more informed decisions about which of our products are best for you.
Due to not being a walk-in coop it more cost effectively uses run and roost space for the birds.
Height is below most 6 foot fences and therefore can't be seen by neighbors. 
Front panel removes for easy "rake-out" cleaning of droppings from ground.
Coop is heavy duty and is extremely predator safe.
All cedar construction is unmatched in strength, weather capable, and can be water stained or left natural. Will last many years.
Due to not being a walk-in coop you will not be protected from weather when caring for your birds.
Front panel raking access is easy, but not as easy as a full height walk-in style coop.
Necessity of ramp placement will collect droppings that need scraping off.
Due to its heavy duty construction... it's pretty difficult to easily move around.  Will take 2-3 very strong people to lift.
Cedar is one of the most expensive woods you can buy.