The bees and the chickens: companions or not?

The bees and the chickens: companions or not? When starting your backyard farming journey, there are a number of activities to develop your admiration for the agrarian lifestyle, such as chicken keeping and beekeeping. If you’ve already committed to chickens or bees, but not yet both, we hope to help debunk some concerns for keeping […]

Beyond Your Own Backyard™

Eleven years ago, before we became the backyard farming manufacturers known as Roost & Root, we had an interest in helping those around the world whose needs were greater than ours. Particularly the needs of those in Haiti through a number of projects aimed to leave a better and brighter future. Through the generous help […]

The Truth of Using Chicken Manure in Your Garden

Sometimes the most potent fertilizing agents for your garden can come from the most unexpected of places. For the longest time using manure in your garden has been praised as being one of the best natural garden growing additions for any gardener. Although the most common type is cow manure, chicken waste is a naturally […]

How to Introduce Kids to Chicken Keeping

Teaching our future generation about farming not only helps foster a greater understanding of raising livestock/pets but is also a great deal of fun for all age levels. If your family is new to raising backyard chickens, we’ve put together a helpful guide to help introduce these feathery companions to your family! 1) Learning Benefits […]