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The new year calls for new and exciting goals and changes to strive for! However, if you find yourself often times falling back after the first few months of the year, adding backyard farming focused goals can be the missing addition needed to help make this year transformational. Incorporating Backyard Farming can help in a […]

7 Backyard Farming Resolutions for 2021

Whether you’ve recently committed to ordering your very first flock or your incubated eggs are nearing their hatch date, preparing your future flock’s temporary home will certainly be the next step on your to-do list. If you are new to backyard chicken keeping, your brooder will serve as a safe space as your flock continues […]

Chick Brooder Set-Up Guide for Beginners

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? In this case, chickens and ducks. Two similar yet very different birds that are loved by a number of backyard farmers everywhere. If you’re a beginner flock owner looking to add ducks to your existing chicken flock, then there are a few key tips that […]

5 Beginner Tips for Raising Ducks with Chickens

For the longest time, chicken keeping was considered as an activity only possible in wide open, large acre spaces. Eggs were something you only sourced from the grocery store and waking up to a Rooster was something that only happened in the countryside. The idea of keeping chickens is now evolving and with it are […]

Beginners Guide to City Chicken Keeping

Fall time is here and with it are a number of seasonal treats that your birds will flock to! Serve these autumn favorites as is or combine a few of these extra snacks to make an ultimate Fall feast. Note: We do not recommend any canned variations of the foods mentioned below. Pumpkin  Health: Pumpkin […]

Fall Treats Your Flock will Love


If there is one thing that flock owners can attest to, it’s how easily a flock can make a mess when it comes to their waterers! Keeping your flock hydrated shouldn’t mean settling for frequent and messy waterer cleanings. Additionally, traditional waterers can be an invitation to frequent cleaning and unwanted bacteria growth for your […]

EZ-Fill Waterer Advantages & Training Tips

Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop

There’s no better way to personalize a coop than to name it! That’s why we offer the ability for all of our future coop owners to add their own personal touch with our free customized name board option during checkout. On a regular basis, we use our CNC Machine to carve out numerous personal name […]

70+ Coop Name Board Ideas

As with any pet or livestock, cleaning is a necessary task that can guarantee a nice and healthy environment for both you and your outdoor companions. The good news is cleaning your coop doesn’t have to be complicated, or hard work! By following a few simple steps and recommendations your Round-top coop can continue to […]

How to Clean Your Round-Top Coop!

Raised vegetable gardens are loved by new and experienced backyard gardeners everywhere, and the reasons are plentiful! Feasibility of harvesting, soil control, and drainage are just a few of our favorite raised vegetable garden aspects. If you are new to raised bed gardening, there are a number of important factors to consider before beginning! Follow […]

Raised Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Round-Top Chicken Loft™ Turn-Out Door

Chicken Keeping doesn’t have to be complicated for a first-time backyard flock owner. Whether you’ve found yourself dreaming of looking out your backyard to see a feathery flock of your own roaming around, or if you’ve committed yourself to purchase your first chicks, we’ve put together a list of 5 of our best and helpful […]

5 First Time Backyard Chicken Keeping Tips

Baby Chicks

Buying your first chickens is an exciting moment, that at the same time, can bring up a lot of questions! That is why we decided to create this helpful resource to help answer some of the biggest questions you may have when purchasing your very first flock. We’ll help answer questions such as which birds […]

Your Guide to Ordering Your First Backyard Flock

As a backyard chicken keeper and current or future gardener, you may notice that your flock simply can’t refuse the temptation of a backyard garden. However, if not cautious some plants you may be interested in can cause some accidental harm for your flock if ingested.  To help achieve your garden goals, while making sure […]

8 Chicken Healthy Herbs To Grow Next to Your Coop

If you are looking into starting your very own backyard farm, you may be contemplating the best way to begin. Depending on where you live, you may be uncertain about using your existing ground soil or investing in a Raised Vegetable Garden. Both of which have positive results, however depending on where your home is, […]

5 Ways Raised Vegetable Gardens Can Increase Your Gardening Success

As a new or experienced chicken owner, you may be anticipating the day you can relocate your flock to their new Roost & Root Coop! Whether your backyard is located in an urban area or in the tranquil countryside, your new feathery friends are certain to be well protected in their new predator safe coop! […]

How to Predator Proof Your New Coop!

Every handcrafted coop we make here at Roost & Root matters to us.   We pride ourselves on using the best materials to make the best coops, but the very best materials in the wrong hands still won’t produce a great coop. From cutting materials to fabrication to packaging, everyone at Roost & Root plays a […]

Our Process for Building Chicken Coops

Weather - snow chickens

We’ve worked hard to understand the needs of our customers all over the United States, and with the cooler weather season approaching, we’ve asked our resident chicken expert to weigh in on best practices for cold weather backyard chicken-keeping. Chickens, with the notable exception of Silkies and Frizzles, are by nature much more cold hardy […]

Cold Weather Chicken-Keeping Tips


At Urban Coop Company, we’re here to be your guide on all urban chicken-keeping matters. For summer, we wanted to give you our TOP 3 useful tips on keeping your chickens cool, comfortable and healthy during hot months. As we’re located in Central Texas, summer days tend to be well over 100 degrees so we […]

How to Keep Chickens Cool in the Summer Heat

Round-Top Chicken Loft™ Optional Dual Feeders

We believe urban chicken keeping is good for the soul. Chickens ground people to the natural world in unexplained ways; a welcome, enjoyable thing in this hectic, high-tech world. To make it as enjoyable as possible, we knew we needed to do all we could to make it hassle-free and stress-free for our customers.   […]

We’ve made chicken-keeping convenient with easy-fill waterers and feeders

Bargain brand Chinese coops are not a bargain for long. Cheap materials and carpentry won’t hold up. Roost & Root chicken coops are made to be durable, which means they’ll last. But it also means they’re predator safe strongholds for chickens to live in. And they make keeping chickens less of a hassle with their […]

10 reasons Round-Top Chicken Coops™ are worth more…

Urban Chicken Keeping is growing and our coops are very popular, for good reason! Your coop is lovingly hand built from premium materials and will look great for years to come. During some parts of the year we get up to six weeks back-ordered. As a company policy we take orders and deliver weekly batches […]

Simple Ways to House Chicks While Your Chicken Coop Is Being Built

Cedar Chicken Coop Wood

Why we use Cedar in your Round-Top Chicken Coop™ It’s certainly not the cheapest wood coop builders could use, in fact, its one of the most expensive. But just like a fine chef, its impossible for a coop builder to end up with a great product if the ingredients aren’t the best. Cedar (more accurately what […]

Why We Build Your Chicken Coop With Cedar