How to Raise and Keep Bantam Chickens

What are Bantam Chickens? If you’re new to the world of backyard chicken keeping, then you are certain to come across bantam chickens eventually. Bantam chickens are simply smaller versions of regular-sized chicken breeds. Popular for their appearance, bantam chickens are one-half, and sometimes even one-third, the size of an average chicken! Bantam chickens weigh […]

How to Transplant Seedlings to your Raised Garden Bed

Perhaps you’ve been hardening your very own seedlings at home before introducing them full-time outdoors…or maybe you’ve collected a few trays of exciting new vegetables from your local garden center that are in need of deeper soil. No matter how your seedlings have come to grow, the steps taken to transplant your growing flowers or […]

Plant Care Tips for Raised Garden Beds

Gardening in Raised Garden Beds comes with a number of positive outcomes when it comes to successfully growing your crops. As with any backyard gardening work, a raised garden bed still requires a great deal of care to ensure your flowers or veggies grow successfully. Follow our 4 plant care tips for raised garden beds […]

greenhouse growing plants

7 Advantages to Greenhouse Gardening

Gardening doesn’t have to be an activity to admire and enjoy only in the spring and summer months. Whether you wish to start your garden early or keep your prized plants away from any outside pests, greenhouses have a number of advantages! Learn below 7 ways that greenhouse gardening can increase your gardening success, year […]