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Dyan Twining | Founder, Roost & Root

Make your own food, soothe your mind...

Make your own food, soothe your mind...

People don't keep chickens and garden because it saves them money... it saves their sanity. Gain access to fresh eggs and vegetables and enjoy being grounded to the natural world in a way that soothes your mind. Our products are made to be durable, look great and make sense. But maybe most important of all... backyard farming is fun and rewarding. Find your inner farmer... right in your own backyard.

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Meet Kristen White and her family in this episode of idochickens.TV and learn why her family (like many) get way more than just eggs from their backyard flock.

Kristen White

idochickens.TV (Episode 1)

COVID-19 Message...
March 16, 2020
First off, we want to thank you for shopping at Roost & Root.  We are passionate about what we do and feel a great sense of purpose and pride in serving our customers over the past 7 years. Springtime is our normal peak season. With the CV-19 pandemic, we're busier than ever before with people seeking food security that comes from backyard farming. Dyan and I wanted to share a couple of things about how we are planning to behave while this spring season plays out.
  1. Roost & Root is considered an essential livestock housing manufacturer and is not being asked to close. We work in an open air shop that allows for plenty of social distancing. We have put in place recommended  protections and plan to work.
  2. We won't raise our prices to make more money or slow down demand during this difficult season. Why punish our customers? It makes no sense. We may have to raise prices if we are forced to purchase materials or labor at higher costs.  Our profit margins are not enough to absorb significant materials increases.  We do not presently know of any such supply issue, but can imagine it's possible. 
  3. We have historically been able to keep our spring back-order to 3 weeks or so... we see this going out further and are not going to slow it by raising prices...
    1. Our shop has a peak capacity due to size and can only responsibly  expand it so fast. We are expanding capacity though as we speak.
    2. We want our quality to stay high, so we will only add staff as fast as we can properly train them... and provide for their safety.
    3. We are located in an area where we cannot operate beyond M-F 7am to 7pm.
  4. We have indications from shippers that they have no plans to slow down.  So we do not believe shipping will present an issue.
  5. We plan to continue our policy of fulfilling orders in the order they are received and will not allow for "premium" pricing on orders to obtain a jump in the order queue. It's not fair.
We have close to a 100% on time delivery and scheduling track record on over 10,000 orders over the past 7 years.  We're smart about what we do.  After you place your order, our system will clearly commit your order to a weekly production batch.  We, in good faith manage this promise given the above information and will promise to stay in touch if for any reason we learn that circumstances beyond our control cause us to think we'll miss our promised delivery.

Thank you very much!

Dyan & Montie Twining