Round-Top Walk-In Chicken Coop

  • Chicken Count20
  • Egg Count Per Week100/wk
  • Cost$5,799

Original price was: $10,049.00.Current price is: $5,799.00.

It’s impossible to exaggerate the number of prestigious homes that have Walk-In Chicken Coops in their backyards.  And at the same time, this rugged workhorse can be found in public parks in the Burroughs of NY helping to feed the homeless. Buy it because it looks great. Buy it because it works great. Win win. With generous room for up to 20 hens self-contained and no stooping or bending over required to manage your flock, you’ll be as spoiled as your hens are. It’s big, it’s beautiful.

Round-Top Walk-In XL CAD DrawingAvailable in an XL model too!
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July 23rd

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Retail Price $10,049
Was $6,299 Now $5,799

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If your budget allows, nobody builds a better chicken coop than Roost & Root!
13 Features to benefit both you and your chickens!

Up to 20 Hens Self-Contained

Smart Kits™

100+ Eggs Weekly

Available Waterer & Feeder

Predator Safe

All Season Design

No Maintenance Cedar

Heavy Duty Hardware

Easy to Assemble Kit

Easy to Clean

Welded Livestock Wire

Integrated Run

Hinges & Latches