Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions

Updated 6/12/2024

Roost & Root is a DBA of Endure Products, LLC. It is our sincere goal at Roost & Root for you to have a happy experience with us. Along with the quality of our product, our highest value is placed on our customer relationships. Like every relationship, there are risks involved for both parties. We endeavor to outline them the best we can in how we do business both throughout our site and in these policies, terms and conditions. Whether you buy online, by phone or by some other means, our transaction with you is legally covered by these terms and conditions.

If you have any doubts about anything at any time you should contact us by email ( to clarify. We will do everything possible to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and the business we do together.

Privacy: Roost & Root, its employees, contractors, agents, vendors, cause organizations or affiliates (collectively known as us, we and our) will not knowingly use or divulge personally identifiable information we collect from you in the course of doing business with us for any reason other than matters directly relating to the sale, service or support of products that you have purchased from us.

Our sales are conducted by secure transmission (https 2048-bit encryption) and necessary order data is stored on secured servers in password protected databases. We do not store credit card data in Roost & Root computer systems or paper files. Credit Card information is passed off to a credit card processing service (currently PayPal) when placing an order and not kept by us on our systems.

Please note, we monitor and make a good faith effort to adhere to any then current privacy policies only for our country of business, The United States of America (and good common sense) even though you may be shopping our site from some other country you may purchase our product for use in some other country.

Certain personally unidentifiable information about a visit to our site(s) is collected for purposes of us better understanding traffic on our website(s) such as, but not limited to, general locales of visitors, time spent per visit, pages visited, computing equipment used in the visit and other not personally identifiable information known as “website stats”. Among other things, this information may include our site putting a “cookie” onto your device, as would be allowed by your browser settings, so that among other features, your cart can be stored even if you have not registered for an account, or that we could advertise to you some special offer.

Your Email/Your Phone Number: If you provided us your email address or phone number while using our site, we will likely email or text  you in an attempt to sell you our products or services such correspondence allowing you to unsubscribe as you wish.

In addition, if you provide us an email address and/or phone number, and or social media account info, we may share this info with an affiliate for marketing purposes which may include our sharing that information with our Social Causes non-profit K12-Haiti ( and/or its member non profits and/or its sponsors for the purposes of advertising to you and or soliciting donations.

Please Note: Our site depends on some elements of the Cookie for proper function and if you do not allow Cookies to be active during your session you may experience erratic behavior or site errors.

Photos, emails or any other content (materials) that are submitted to us as testimonials, reviews, feedback or other such similarly named information, is submitted to Roost & Root with the understanding that we may use such materials for the purposes of promoting our causes in ways that we deem appropriate. We agree to not use identifiable full names, telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses of individuals who submit such information without explicit permission. We will assume that if there are photos that are provided in which people can be identified, the photos are submitted with the presumed permission, of any individual in the photo, to use the photos as we see fit for promotional purposes without the need of further permission and without the need of any sort of model release and/or compensation.

If you optionally provide us your email address while calculating your shipping quote on our cart page we will (1) record the contents of your cart (2) capture your email address (3) record the shipping quote provided. We do this, for among other reasons, to have a record of your desired purchase and shipping quote should you call to place an order. We may also contact you about your cart via the provided email for sales or other business related information.

Pre-Sales: There are divergent opinions on matters regarding our products. We will NEVER knowingly mislead anyone about expectations with our products. We develop our recommendations based on our own considerable experiences in using our products, considerable feedback from our national customer base, advice from hired experts and advice from the academic community. With that said, you are ultimately responsible for the safe use of our products and satisfaction of your choice to purchase our products and their suitability for the intended use. We want happy customers. A big part of that is accurately setting expectations on what we sell and we will endeavor to do that in a way that helps you make the best decision.

Terms & Conditions: We will ship any purchase you make as promptly as possible after funding is confirmed. When you place your order you will be billed in full for your purchase and given a slot in our production schedule. If for any reason we cannot ship your order within 5 business days of you placing your order, such as materials availability, seasonal sales spikes or funding issues, we will notify you using the email address you provided at the time you placed your order so that you can at your sole option choose to keep your order in place, change or cancel your order subject to our order cancellation policies below. Your order confirmation email will state when we expect your product to ship.

Orders placed by phone are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Customer items or orders left unclaimed or returned as undeliverable are subject to resale or disposal after 45 days. We expressly reserve the right to at our sole discretion refuse to sell our products to any party at any time for any reason. We may also, at our sole discretion, direct the form of payment that we will accept on a transaction regardless of what may be publicly displayed on our web site or the forms of payments we may have previously accepted.

Order Cancellations Policy:  So that we can fulfill orders, we commit financial resources in the way of people, materials, tools and shop capacity. Especially in peak demand periods, we spend this money in advance so we can in good faith meet our promised delivery schedules and pre-purchase materials needed to fulfill your order.

Orders canceled before shipment: We will refund your purchase price, any taxes paid, any shipping paid, less 3% to reimburse us for any credit card fees we were charged if you paid by credit card.

Orders shipped where delivery is refused: We will refund your full purchase price and any taxes paid, less shipping charges you paid and actual return shipping charges back to us and a 3% fee to reimburse us for any credit card fees we were charged if you paid by credit card. We will insure the return shipment for the value of your purchase. If your product has been personalized, it is also subject to a 10% additional reconditioning charge.

We will only refund monies to the same method to which the original purchase was made. You agree to not back charge us for any non-refunded monies with your credit card company as the result of any “fee” you might be charged.

Shipping: Ninety five percent plus (95% +) of the time our shipments go smoothly with no issues. We ship with either FedEx, UPS, USPS or common freight carriers to Continental US addresses served by those services. Contact us for foreign or outlying US territory address shipping quotes. Once your shipment leaves our facility it is out of our direct control but we will maintain responsibility to report to you on your shipments progress until you receive it. All shipments will be insured to arrive in new undamaged condition and if they are not, replacement product will be sent out to you at no cost to replace any damaged product. Because of carrier time limits on claiming shipping damage, you agree to open and inspect your shipment within 30 days of receiving it. We may be unable to honor shipping damage claims beyond 30 days of delivery. If upon opening boxes you notice any damage, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the problem.

We have very little issues in our business other than those caused by shipping.  If you know you live in a difficult to access area and order from us anyway, nothing will be different with us.  Everyone uses all the same carriers.  Many of our products are bulky and heavy and we do our best to inform you at the time of purchase about your expectation as to where your product can be left, but you should not expect a driver to deliver your product to any spot not easily accessible.

Your Satisfaction: Our fabricated products are lovingly made right here in the USA with fellow Americans using largely US sourced materials. We take your satisfaction very seriously. Our satisfaction guarantee protects you in two ways. Part one gives you a chance to return the product in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied once you receive it. The second part of our guarantee addresses the quality of our materials and workmanship of our products assuring you that your products quality performs as intended.

If within 60 days of you receiving, assembling and using our product you decide you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll refund your full purchase price and any tax paid, less any shipping paid and the actual return shipping charges “return costs”. Email us to receive return authorization and we will dispatch a carrier for pickup and pre-pay the “return costs” which will be deducted from your final refund, initiated upon receipt of your return. We will insure the return shipment for the value of your purchase. If your product has been personalized, it is also subject to a 10% additional reconditioning charge.

Inspect the quality of your product when you open your boxes or unpack your crate and make sure you’re satisfied. If you assemble and use your product you will have to disassemble it to return it. Keep your boxes and/or shipping crate until you’re certain you are satisfied. The boxes and/or the crate(s) that we ship in are custom made and if it becomes necessary to return your product it will have to be re-packaged for return and your original boxes/crate are required.

We won’t accept back modified product or product that was damaged or destroyed due to vandalism or acts of nature. For obvious reasons, we require return of product for any issued refund. This offer is valid only for end users who purchase their products at

Warranty: Roost & Root manufactured parts are warranted 100% against material and workmanship defects for 2 years (24 months) from the date of purchase when used as intended and not modified. A part that does not perform as intended during the warranty period, whether the fault of materials or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced for no charge to the original purchaser.

Our warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and in no circumstance can Roost & Root be responsible for consequential damages. As the manufacturer of your product, whether you purchase direct from us or a service partner, we will honor and administer any warranty directly to you, the end customer, if you are qualified to receive warranty benefits under our factory warranty policy. Any modification or alteration of a product will invalidate any warranty and suitability for use.

Products that we do not manufacture but are used in our products, are limited by the warranty of the manufacturer. For example, but not limited to, batteries, solar panels, roof panels, plastic sheets… that we use in our products are limited by the warranty of the their manufacturer.

If we include a material in our product that has a manufacturers warranty that is greater than ours, we will be responsible for our product, inclusive of that manufacturers product that is included in our product, for the term of our warranty.  Any claims for a product that is integrated into our products, by a manufacturer who’s warranty extends beyond that of Roost & Root, is between our customer and the manufacturer of that product.

Under no circumstance does our warranty cover anything other than the replacement of a defective part or piece.  We are not responsible for any labor or consequential damages of any kind for any reason.

We may at our sole discretion, within the warranty period, repair or replace any part or product with an identical or like part or product.

Under no circumstance can we be responsible for wind related damage, directly to our product or as the result of damage caused by our product.  You should seek to properly secure your product to the ground in a way that is suitable for your soil composition and locale.  We have no way of knowing that.  We in our technical materials very often give anchoring suggestions and can always be consulted by phone to offer guidance.

Product Improvement: We have the right to improve our designs and/or our products manufacture, without obligation to retrofit previously purchased products unless such improvement is related to a defect or recall. This shall in no way harm our warranty during a products protected period. In our discretion, if a product change does not significantly alter its look and presentation for sale in the photographs or the specifications on our website, we may not update photos to reflect exactly what is being shipped to you.  In any event, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you of course are protected by our return policy.

Note on Cedar: Your cedar product will last the longest if left natural (will patina to grey) or if sealed with a clear non toxic cedar wood stain that will allow the wood to breathe which will resist going grey but must be reapplied. VOC containing deck and wood “sealers” can be poisonous to chickens and plants. We do not recommend their use for obvious reasons. We also do not recommend painting as inevitably a small pinhole or missed spot will conceal water absorption and vapors become trapped behind the paint and actually accelerate rotting.

Left natural, or treated with a properly applied non-toxic transparent breathable cedar wood stain, you should expect to get 6-8 years on the low side, 10 years on average or in certain regional climates 10+ years of service life from cedar. In arid climates, it is not uncommon for cedar to last 15 years. Our joinery methods and hardware target a 10 year service life. It might be necessary along the way to tighten fasteners.

We reserve the right to, for free of charge (shipping not included) replace or to not replace a panel that has failed after our warranty period expires. From 2013 to late 2021 the only panels we have been made aware of that have rotted were those that had been painted and the paint seal had failed. So for obvious reasons, we do not recommend painting. We may offer to replace a part at a prorated cost to you based in part or in whole on its service life.

Cedar wood is a natural product and it comes in many shades, textures and roughnesses.  We hand cull poor structural quality wood. After patina, your cedar panels will turn a uniform grey.  While new, the differences in shading will be the greatest.

Wind, Hail, Snow/Ice Load Damage: None of our products are “Engineered” and we do not have engineering certificates for any of our products.  We use commonly accepted building practices, premium quality materials, premium quality fasteners and then test our product designs with the following ideas in mind.

(1) Wind- You should always anchor any of our products both during and after construction to avoid wind damage from “toppling”. Our structures, properly anchored, should be expected to survive limited exposure to tropical storm force straight line winds. Since we do not know the soil conditions where you live, we offer a broad explanation of wind anchoring for our susceptible products but you are ultimately responsible for proper wind anchoring. Hurricane force winds and or cyclonic winds will very likely damage our structures and likely topple them causing damage to the structure and other damage. We do not warrant against these forces of nature.

(2) Hail- Hail greater than 1/2″ in diameter is likely to either dent our metal roofs or even puncture our polycarbonate roofs. We will gladly sell pre-cut panels if large diameter hail damages a roof on our product. We do not warrant against these forces of nature.

(3) Snow/Ice Load- Snow weight is greatly dependent on its water content. None of our structures are designed to be human dwellings and therefore the roofs are not engineered or load rated. None of our roofs are designed to be “walked” by a person and are not designed to support the weight of a person.

With that said, all of our products are loaded with bags of sand to a weight that is designed to approximate the weight of up to two feet of ordinary wetness snow, unless otherwise stated for a particular product. Deflections are measured and deemed acceptable given our design goals.  You should plan to clean ice of even just a few inches thick from the roof, extra wet snowfall and even powdery snow that accumulates several feet thick to assure your roof won’t fail. We do not warrant against damage to our roof structures caused by excess weight of a person, ice, or snow.

Sales Tax: Rules regarding the collection of sales taxes on the internet are a rapidly evolving matter and the matter is further complicated by the fact that some locales consider our products inherently “agricultural”  in nature and therefore exempt, others do not, and our small amount of sales in one locale may trigger collection, and in another might not.

It is our current practice to collect sales tax for shipping destinations within Texas and to not collect sales tax for other locales. If you live in Texas and are AG exempt contact us with your exempt number and we will not collect Sales Tax.  Otherwise, it is the responsibility of each consumer to pay their own sales taxes as might be required by your local laws. If we are required to pay the taxes on your behalf, and we did not collect them, we reserve the right to seek reimbursement from you for taxes that you are deemed to have owed.

Pricing: As the manufacturer of most of the products we sell, we establish a “List Price” for our products. We have derived our List Price for our products formulaically based in part on our materials, labor costs, facilities & operations overhead, profit goals and in some instances taking into consideration, whenever possible, competitive “like products” in the market place.

As we sell direct to consumer, we also establish our “Retail” price. We may also refer to our “Retail” price as our Seasonal, Buy Direct, Sale, Sales or some other similarly worded price as part of our promotional efforts.  These prices will change for seasonal demand and marketing reasons from time-to-time.

We also will advertise “Limited Time Offers” or other similarly worded “deals” that allow us to promote certain products and/or package combinations as part of our marketing efforts. These prices can fluctuate both for seasonal demand and marketing reasons. This practice also allows us the ability to limit the effects of volatility on materials and labor costs since we are promoting “sales” and committing to sale prices in short periods of time. We most often use this practice in our “weekly deals” marketing strategy.

In all cases, we will clearly post the price you will pay through the buying process (including shipping costs) and our Price Guarantee can protect you from a lower price. If we are ever to put a product on sale or offer a special, you may request a refund of the difference of what you paid for an identical product(s) or package (Our Low Price Guarantee) within 14 calendar days of your purchase.

Due to the unpredictability of raw material costs, demand, seasonal stock fluctuations and shipping price volatility prices are subject to change with or without notice. You may only redeem one special offer per order.

We may send you as a promotion or you may have received as a gift or as a promotion on our site, a “Gift Card” which may be redeemed for a credit against your purchase on our web site on product(s) which may or may not already be on sale. “Gift Cards” have no cash value outside their redemption toward intended product purchases on our site. If no expiration is shown on a gift card, they will be honored for two years from issuance.

Price comparisons in combination packages and savings are based on purchasing products separately rather than together and incurring separate shipping charges. When we can bulk package product together in one shipment, we save money on shipping and share that savings with you.

Our Digital Egg Count Assumptions: We want to be transparent about how we calculate egg and hen counts in our digital counters.  We take the previous 10 years of coops sales assuming that our coops have at minimum a 10 year service life. We take the mix of coops sold in any one year and estimate at 80% the capacity of hens those coops could hold.  We take on average that a healthy hen will lay 225 eggs in a year to account for age and molting. We take projected sales for the current year and use the same logic but factor it by the current date in the year. We use all that math to calculate our counters. We of course do not know exactly how many of our coops are still in service. We of course do not know for certain how many chickens someone keeps in any given model of coop… so we factor that down reasonably. Our point is to illustrate that we’re (1) experienced at what we do (2) maybe most importantly, that we’re proud of all the eggs (food) that our coops deliver into peoples backyards… everyday… day in day out! It’s an astounding number.

Our Affiliate Program: In addition to the affiliate program terms and conditions any affiliate of Roost & Root is agreeing to these general Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions.

Intellectual Property: All photos, copy, logos, trade names and design elements used on the website are the property of Roost & Root unless otherwise noted or as may be owned by another entity and notated or licensed as required.

The design of our coops and/or our accessories and/or our printed and electronic product materials are our intellectual property and are covered by pending and/or issued design and/or utility patents and/or copyright laws.

We intend the benefit of our intellectual property to extend to our paying customers for their own private personal use and no one else. Any other use requires the express written permission of Roost & Root.

For SEO reasons, we may omit a ™ or a ® from our product names.  Use of this site implies your understanding that the following (but not limited to) trade names are claimed by Endure Products, LLC and that the omission of these marks is in no way to ever be construed as them being in the public domain or us abandoning their use in trade…

Round Top Chicken Coop™
Round Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop™
Round Top Walk-In Chicken Coop™
Round Top Mobile Chicken Coop™
Round Top Loft Chicken Coop™
Round Top Duck Coop™
Slant Roof Greenhouse™
Urban Chicken Coop™
Roost & Root®
Urban Coop Company®
Endure Products, LLC™
Deluxe Chicken Coop™
Big Ass Chicken Coop™

and other trade names that may appear on site at the time of this writing or in business use. We will to the most aggressive extent allowed by law protect our trade names, registered trade marks, patents and trade dress of our products.

Unsolicited Idea Policy:

We appreciate hearing from our customers and site visitors and welcome feedback about your experiences and opinions  with our products. Any ideas you submit to Roost & Root for any reason, you should share with the knowledge that we’re not asking for those ideas. Roost & Root cannot review, consider, or accept any unsolicited ideas for our existing products or new products, including, but not limited to, ideas for new products, product modifications, or strategies for existing products, advertising, or promotions. We have adopted this policy to avoid the potential for misunderstandings and/or disputes particularly with respect to intellectual property ownership.

However, if you still choose to share with us unsolicited idea(s) despite this policy, you agree that the following terms shall apply, regardless of any contrary language contained in a Submission:

  • All Submissions, along with related intellectual property, are non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • Your Submission may be used for any purpose and in any way without compensation to you or any third party.
  • Roost & Root has no obligation with respect to your Submission, including, but not limited to, reviewing, acknowledging, or returning any materials related to your Submission.

We reserve the right to incorporate any product or design feedback provided to us in the course of doing business with you into our our current or future products without limitation to us or compensation to you for such information.  This also applies to derivative products whether sold by Roost & Root or not.

Limited Liability: In all maters related to our products and for any reason, our liability to you as purchaser of our product is ultimately limited to the refunding of your purchase price.

Arbitration Agreement: By purchasing this product, you agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any unresolved dispute with Endure Products, LLC concerning the product shall be solved by binding individual arbitration. To the extent permitted by applicable law, your arbitration cannot be combined with another arbitration whether through class action arbitration proceedings or otherwise. You have the right to opt out of arbitration and to preserve the right to sue and to participate in a class action. The opt out procedure is discussed in the “Opt Out Procedure” section below.

By agreeing to arbitration, you understand, to the maximum extent permitted by law, you are agreeing to waive your right to file suit in any court, to a court hearing, judge trial and jury trial.

Class Action Waiver: To the maximum extent permitted by law, you expressly agree to refrain from bringing or joining any claims in any representative or class-wide capacity, included but not limited to bringing or joining any claims in any class action or any class-wide arbitration.

Dispute Resolution Procedure: If you have a dispute with Endure Products, LLC you agree to first contact Endure Products, LLC to discuss the matter. If we cannot resolve the dispute informally, it shall be resolved by arbitration. You may start the arbitration process by submitting a written demand to the American Arbitration Association and sending Endure Products, LLC a copy. Endure Products, LLC will pay all filing costs. A single arbitrator or the American Arbitration Association with conduct the arbitration in a location convenient to you or via telephone. The arbitrator’s award will be binding and may be entered as a judgement into any court or competent jurisdiction.

Opt Out Procedure: You have thirty (15) days from the date of the product delivery to opt out of arbitration. To opt out of arbitration you must contact Endure Products, LLC and request to opt out of arbitration. If more than thirty (15) days have passed, you are not eligible to opt out of arbitration and you will have waived your right to sue and your right to participate in a class action.

Severability: In the event any provision or part of this Agreement is found not to be valid or unenforceable, only that provision or part so found, and not the entire agreement, will be inoperative.

Official Mean of Notice to You: For any and all needs that we have of officially communicating to you about such things, but not limited to, your order, or warranty communication we will use your provided email address.

Disclaimers: In combination with specific information provided on a product, this site in general, and/or in the instructions for your particular product, these global disclaimers apply to any purchase made from Endure Products, LLC…

  1. You have sole responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of use of any of our products. We will never, ever, knowingly mislead you.

  2. You are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions during the unpacking, assembly and use of our products. Our products are tested extensively and we have a policy of swiftly upgrading designs if we ever learn of a recurring issue.

  3. Our products are not intended to support anything other than their own weight and should not be stood upon. You probably can, but its a bad idea.

  4. Children should not be left unattended near our products because among other dangers, they may become trapped inside.

  5. We use natural wood products as a material and among other dangers, splinters are possible. It’s called “rough” cedar for a reason. With that said, if there is some sort of “shard” we’ve missed, we’ll certainly replace a part.

  6. We use metal roofs in many of our products and even though great care is taken to check edges of roof metal in our shop, it is well known that sheet metal, which roof metal is formed from, can have very sharp edges that will slice you. We almost exclusively rely on factory cut edges to minimize risk, but they’re still sharp. Where we do cut an edge, we use shears designed to micro-roll edges as to minimize sharpness. When possible, we round corners off. Any roof, even plastic roofs, can have sharp edges. You need to provide care when you or children come in contact with any roofing material, including the material we use. Watch small children around our products carefully, especially roofs that are at eye level. Your supervision is the best protection for your children.

  7. Edges of wire that we use in our products can be sharp. We certainly try to “nip” and hammer down loose ends, but you should verify.

  8. If you believe you have received a defective part, don’t try to alter it as this will void your warranty. We will gladly replace any part found to be defective during our warranty period.

  9. Our satisfaction policy allows you to return product. If you receive your purchase and feel you cannot safely assemble it and/or safely use it… return it. We will honor your request consistent with our then in force return policy.

  10. If you’re picking up your product at our facility we want to be as helpful as possible loading and strapping your new purchase but can only do so at your instruction. We cannot be responsible for the suitability of your vehicle or trailer for the task, providing straps or rope, or deciding for you how best to secure your load. We will work for you at your instruction. And we cannot of course be responsible for any of your load that were to become loose during your trip.

Worried about something we haven’t covered ? Contact us and let us address your concern.