About Roost & Root

© Image by Roost & Root | Stand-Up Coop Egg Box

Backyard farming...

Coops and greenhouses are about food quality,
food security, and a self sufficiency lifestyle.

Roost & Root started out as Urban Coop Company in 2013 in a small shop on the property of Dyan & Montie Twining in Dripping Springs Texas. Year after year its business of building premium quality chicken coops steadily grew. Year after year, the shop grew too and is now over 10,000 ft2. In 2020 Dyan & Montie wanted to do more and the changed the company name to Roost & Root. Roost & Root was to be about making food in your own backyard. Chickens (Roost) and gardening (Root).

Keeping backyard chickens and gardening is clearly not about saving money, the scale at which its done isn’t the point. There are benefits to the agrarian farming lifestyle of past that are still prized in today’s urban centric world. The down-to-earth nature of farming has the capacity to bring sanity to the hustle and bustle urban technology driven world we now live in and provide sure access to the highest quality organic food nature can serve. Peace of mind is priceless.

Find your inner farmer is more than a slogan. It’s the belief that people can benefit from high quality food from a known source. You can also emotionally, mentally and physically benefit from a backyard farm and garden lifestyle… and 10’s of thousands of customers later… you seem to agree.

Roost & Root has become more than just a leading maker of backyard chicken coops. Roost & Root is a collection of like minded people who value; self sufficiency, family, being outdoors, education, helping others, quality food, experiencing nature, healthy living, stewarding the environment, being hands on, and living a good spirited life. It’s a life that is rooted in the rural farming lifestyle.

Thank you for helping us grow Urban Coop Company™ into what’s was inevitably next… Roost & Root®… backyard farm and garden lifestyle products. We’re honored to share a little bit of our (your) story with you.

Again, thank you!
Dyan & Montie Twining