About Roost & Root

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Find Your Inner Farmer™

Roost & Root was founded in 2013 as Urban Coop Company with the idea of building a better backyard chicken coop than the Chinese coops that were typically available. More than 10 years and more than 10,000 coops later, our mission has evolved to enable the making of the best quality food you can eat… made in your own backyard. If you’re like us, as you age and as the worlds food supply seems less stable and of less quality… making your own food in your own backyard makes more sense than ever.

The business grew (thankfully) and we ended up with a 10,000+ sq foot shop complex (in our backyard) and at times 20+ people coming to work, parking wherever they could. We became much more sophisticated about how we designed and manufactured what we built over the early years. CAD design and CNC production allowed us to create bigger, more sophisticated coops and highly evolved “kits” that could still be shipped all over the US. Our Smart Kits™ as they came to be known, allowed us construction, packaging and assembly advantages that inspired us to add greenhouses and other garden products to our product line and we changed our name to Roost & Root to reflect our chicken coop heritage and capture the addition of gardening to the mix.

10 years later, a loyal following of existing and new customers has allowed our “backyard business” to grow into a leader in our market space. Our coop and garden products are among the highest respected products in our field. Our Smart Kits™ power the construction, shipping and assembly of everything we build. Whether our customer decides to tackle the job themselves or use a local handyman to complete the task… if a piece of string, or a level is useful in the assembly of a coop or greenhouse… we put it in the kit. And no business grows without a total commitment to customer support. Our business has always enjoyed a reputation for exemplary support both before and after someone buys something.

Its our vision to expand our Smart Kits™ system to cover other structures common in upscale backyards all across the country.  Large beautiful sheds, pergolas, plant based fencing and animal shelters are perfect “products” that can benefit from our way of building and designing things.  We hope to one day make ship-able inhabitable structures that leverage our Smart Kit™ concept.

So whether your thing is food from your backyard, or just hanging out… thank you for helping us grow Urban Coop Company™ into what’s was inevitably next… Roost & Root®… backyard farm and garden lifestyle products. We’re honored to share a little bit of our (your) story with you.

Again, thank you!
Dyan & Montie Twining