Round-Top Loft Chicken Coop

  • Chicken Count10
  • Egg Count Per Week48/wk
  • Cost$3,999

Original price was: $6,899.00.Current price is: $3,999.00.

Your right brain tells you the classic A-frame shape makes sense, while your left brain tells you its beautiful. Exactly! The Round-Top Loft Chicken Coop naturally provides height for you to walk in out of the snow or rain to collect eggs, feed or tend to your girls. Keep up to 10 chickens in this voluminous coop and get up to 4 dozen eggs per week 😲 or give fewer hens their own little palace.

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June 25th

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Retail Price $6,899
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If your budget allows, nobody builds a better chicken coop than Roost & Root!
13 Features to benefit both you and your chickens!

Up to 10 Hens Self-Contained

Smart Kits™

~48 Eggs Weekly

Predator Safe

Available Waterer & Feeder

Integrated Run

All Weather Design

Long Lasting Cedar

Heavy Duty Hardware

Easy to Assemble Kit

Easy to Clean

Welded Livestock Wire

Latches & Hinges