Slant-Roof Greenhouse

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Feature packed and designed to outlast more cheaply made greenhouses, and look good doing it.

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Sale Price $5,190 for Standard Model

Spring is near! And it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to our all-new super beautiful Slant Roof Greenhouse™. Take advantage of these deals now and save!

This special ends on 2/7/2023- See order form for these special deals.

Save $200 when you order the AVM System now!

Add the Solar Powered Active Ventilation Management (AVM) system to your new greenhouse and cash in on our limited-time offer…

Available in “Ventilation Management Options” on the order form. Ships free at the time of your greenhouse purchase. Offer good for either Standard or XL model AVM

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Now in Standard or XL Model that adds 77% more length!
Specify XL upgrades and accessories in the online order form below.

Product Short Description: The Slant Roof Greenhouse™ leverages Roost & Roots many years of manufacturing excellence with a beautiful and functional design that will look great in any backyard for years to come.

Whether its the premium Western Red Cedar lumber, ultra-clear poly-carbonate roof or sidewalls, or the meticulously sourced hardware… the materials are all undeniably best in class. Integrated innovative options like a magnetically attached shade cloth system or the solar powered digitally controlled ventilation system take a load off managing your greenhouse environment and extend your growing season.

11 things to know about this greenhouse…

#1 Handmade 100% Cedar Structure

No wood is more beautiful or durable outdoors than cedar. Thick, hand culled, premium grade.

#2 Corrugated PolyCarb Walls

Highest light transmission, UV stable, twin wall, ultra clear. Virtually indestructible.

#3 Solar Powered Ventillation

An Optional custom manufactured solar powered ventilation system manages growing conditions.

#4 Indestructible Roof Panels

Snow load tough, hail proof, ultra clear. TuffTex® transmits more light and are pre-installed.

#5 Beautiful Classic Slant Roof Design

Slant roofs are beautiful, provide more sunlight transit, and naturally shed snow and ice.

#6 HDPE Protective Ground Panels

Designed to match our vegetable gardens, they're beautiful and food grade tough.

#7 Optional Shade Cloth System

Magnetically attached and custom-fitted in a 60% block. Hand sewn to last.

#8 Thoughtful DIY Design

Large panel sections, clever roof design and included hardware make for easier assembly.

#9 Large Interior Space

The slant roof design naturally directs heated air to high spaces and provides extraordinary headroom.

#10 Premium Grade Door Seals

American made bristle brush style door seals control drafts, pests and will last for a lifetime.

#11 Standard Tie Down Brackets

High quality D-Rings and bolt hardware are included in each greenhouse kit.

Slant Roof Greenhouse™ Order Form
Order online here or call 877-741-2667 for phone ordering.

Standard Model Footprint: 96″W | Length: 125″ | 60″H Short Side | Height: 108″H Tall Side
XL Model Footprint: 96″W | Length: 221″ | 60″H Short Side | Height: 108″H Tall Side
(For detailed dimensions, click “Product Specifications” below)
Zone-based shipping prices We charge no sales tax for non-Texas residents. DIY assembly in about
6-8 Hours

Product Video Regional & Climate Considerations
Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™
* See “Learn Even More” section below…

Automatically manage ventilation… no cords attached!

Control airflow through your greenhouse by choosing our optional solar powered Active Ventilation Management (AVM) system in the Order Form. This product is only available at the time you purchase your greenhouse and it ships at no additional charge!

Learn Even More

The Details

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ AVM Controller (optional)

With our AVM its no wires and no worries…

The optional custom manufactured solar-powered Active Ventilation Management system (AVM) is a self-contained way to automate the air circulation of your greenhouse without wires or worries. Air exchange is important to bring in CO² and help control temperature/humidity. The system includes…

A 100-watt custom manufactured solar panel and mount with two included SLA batteries for power
4x 125 CFM IP68 waterproof axial fans mounted into a hand-built cedar louvered panel
A moisture safe digital control box with interval timer for CO², and Temperature / Humidity controls
A large SOCKiTBOX® is provided for power cord connections if you want to add a heater or grow lights
Capable of exchanging the air in the greenhouse about once every two minutes
(1) Hang it on the wall (2) plugin batteries (3) hook up cable... Done!

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ Ground to Roof View (optional AVM fan bank shown)

All cedar structure is as beautiful as it is tough...

Don't let how pretty it is fool you... cedar is one tough wood. Whether you seal it or not, cedar will outlast every other N. American species in outdoor use. Sealed, it will maintain its golden color. Unsealed, it will patina to a natural grey/silver look. Our joinery methods are tough too and have been proven so in over 10,000 of our coops... in service in all 50 states.

Large hand-crafted panels are made from culled custom milled Grade 1 Western Red Cedar
Wall panels attach with provided 3" ceramic screws into pre-drilled holes with your cordless drill.
All door hinges come pre-attached
Pre-attached roof panels on a unique scissor frame allows installation from ground

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™

Twin-Wall PolyCarb & HDPE wall panels…

We dado cut slots into the cedar lumber frames and then install precision CNC cut Twin-Wall Polycarbonate clear panels into upper wall sections. Lower wall sections have recycled black HDPE food grade plastic inserts for splash protection and protection from objects shot out from mowers.

UV Protected ultra clear 6mm Polycarbonate wall panels transmit more light than any other brand
Clearer than most glass, withstands high heat and super sub zero temperatures
3/16 thick solid HDPE panels on bottoms provide strength, splash protection and are puncture proof
Cedar / Black HDPE "look" is designed to match our Raised Vegetable Garden bases
Wind tested to 80mph... these panels don't only look great, they're virtually indestructible
Large sized individual panels make for fewer pieces to assemble

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ (raised gardens sold separately)

We hope you think it's just pretty. But it's more...

Our slant-roof design has benefits that are more than just beautiful. At a 25° slant, it will help shed all but the stickiest of snow and ice. That's a good thing. Heat naturally flows to its tall side which makes venting it more certain. Speaking of the tall side, it also provides loads of headroom. Seven feet to be exact. And no other design provides more evenly distributed, longer periods of optimal sunlight than a slant roof.

Provides greatest light and heat during sunlight transit from east to west
If snow accumulates, its easily knocked off as the roof remains flexible even in sub-zero temperatures
Heat naturally collects to the high side and can be collected or exhausted
Provides low wind resistance by allowing gusty winds to blow over the top
Naturally provides for high watershed rates
5 foot high on the low side, 9 foot on the high side, and 7 feet of headroom in all working spaces
The shape lends itself to the easy out-of-the-way installation of necessary shade cloths

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ Pre-made Hinged Roof Installs From Ground

A crazy idea that works marvelously...

How do you ship a 10 foot long roof panel in a truck with only 7 feet of door height? Who wants to climb up on a 25° degree slant roof? All those roof screws, what a pain. Our answer? Make each roof section fold, "scissor" the top edge into place and lay the bottom edge on the short wall. All from the ground. For sure takes two strong people, but way better than getting on top 🙂

Panels are preinstalled on scissor style frames that can be installed from the ground
Pre-made panels means no climbing on top during installation
Preinstalled closure strips keep out unwanted guests
USA Made TuffTex© Polycarbonate panels are ultra clear, hail proof and long lasting
Ships to you in three preassembled sections ready to install

It's our first greenhouse, but not our first rodeo.

With 10,000 plus Chicken Coops and Raised Gardens spread all over the country, we know a thing or two about building. No body makes bigger more sturdy cedar framed kits than Roost & Root. The Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ is made from proven materials and proven methods just like everything we sell.

Proven cedar lumber panels and fastening system won't fail over time
Black HDPE & Poly Twin-Wall panels are dado inset and won't blow out unexpectedly
Suspended roof system can hold at least #800 like it would be with snow and ice until cleared.
Design has excellent wall rigidity due to panel construction and wall to roof bracing
Doors have high quality brush style seals to keep out bugs and drafts
Generous roof overhang is appealing but also keeps areas nearest structure free of run-off
Standard ventilation accommodations will be suitable for many users and a variety of growing scenarios
Thoughtful purpose-built accessories allow for customizations to suit diffident users and applications

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™

It's your space, you decide how to use it...

We picked the shape of the new Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ with the idea of giving you a wide range of options on how it gets used. Whether you plan to do seedlings, grow herbs, start vegetables early for transplanting, or you like growing flowers... wide open spaces and generous ceiling heights make just about anything possible.

5' high back wall with your 18" to 24" wide shelving puts you standing with 7' of headroom to work
7' high front wall allows for taller shelving but still leaves space above for warmer air
Either of our 24" wide raised vegetable gardens ( 4' or 8' models) will fit lengthwise
Even with both sides chocked full there's generous space in the middle to work from
Strong roof structure provides additional space to hang planters from

For those times when things get a little too hot...

It's probably the idea of a warm place to start plants that motivates you to buy a greenhouse. But you'll quickly find, that on a sunny day, the Slant-Roof design can make a 50°F or even more increase in temperatures quickly. In even moderately warm days, too much sun can overheat your greenhouse!

Custom sewn shade cloth in easy to install 2 piece design
Magnetically attaches using sewn in protected rare-earth magnets
Available in a 60% block weave
Made from ultra long lasting commercial grade polypropylene fabric
Sewn with black UV bonded polyester thread
All hardware is included

Outstanding passive ventilation features...

A big part of operating your greenhouse is to keep the air flowing in and out. Not everyone will opt for our Active Ventilation Management AVM system due to cost, or just wanting to be a purest. No worries, we've got your back... and your front too!

Large vertical front panels on each side allow heat that rises on high side to vent out
Lower back wall intake vents are positioned to draw from natural heat rise under roof
All vents have large mesh screen that allows bees and lady bugs in but keeps birds out
Back vents have our beautiful hand-crafted cedar wood louvers
Finer mesh screen is easily added by customer to control smaller insects if desired
Additional ventilation can be affected by the purchase of our inexpensive magnetic mesh door screen.

... and even more purpose made accessories.

Not everyone lives in the same place (duh) or plans to use their greenhouse in the same way (duh) and it is with that in mind that we built both standard and optional features. You buy what you want for where you live and how you plan to use the greenhouse.

Boardwalks - All cedar boardwalks QTY 2 are pretty and also serve as a dry place to work from. If you run cords into your greenhouse, they can also be run under the boardwalks to cover them.

Magnetic Closure Door Screen - Allows you to leave the door open for extra ventilation but keep birds out.

Regional Info

Use of a greenhouse is extremely diverse and the skills required are affected by, among other things, region and the plants you’re wanting to grow. The Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ design anticipates a set of factors that are influenced by regions. We hope the following will help you to understand better what to expect from your new greenhouse.

Considerations for Zone 2

We do not recommend the use of this greenhouse in Zone 2 areas. The exception would be if you were to apply supplemental heat if needed, or were planning to use the greenhouse in a narrow season.

Considerations for Zones 3-5

Snow Load: The 25° pitch roof should in many circumstances shed snow on its own, especially if the interior warms up significantly during the day or supplemental heat is used to avoid freezing. If significant amounts of snow accumulates, we would recommend periodically knocking it off. The back edge of the roof is extended enough that we expect the snow that slide off to not pack against the back wall. We load-tested the roof with #800 lbs of sandbags equally distributed and it deflected an acceptable amount.

Use of supplemental heat would be required in extended periods of below-freezing weather and may not be practical for some users. In higher temperature months, you will need to utilize 60% shade cloth to keep temperatures down due to the highly effective roof design and its ability to create heat inside the structure.

Considerations for Zones 6-9

In these more moderate climate zones, we would expect you to use your greenhouse in all but the hottest of months. In higher temperature months, you will need to utilize 60% shade cloth to keep temperatures down due to the highly effective roof design and its ability to create heat inside the structure. During the summer months, you may need to use extra ventilation to avoid too much heat.

In short spurts, you might need to provide supplemental heat in the middle of a harsh winter storm to avoid freezing.

Considerations for Zone 10

We do not recommend the use of this greenhouse in Zone 10 areas without using a 60% or greater shade cloth during the hottest months to block hot sunlight and considerable attention being given to ventilation.

Dimensions: Standard Model Footprint: 96″W | 125″L | 60″H Short Side | 108″H tall side (83 ft²)
XL Model Footprint: 96″W | 221″L | 60″H Short Side | 108″H tall side (148 ft²)
Roof Overhang & Door Swing Ground Projection: 115″W x175″L ( 271″ L for XL Model)
Interior Volume: Standard 560 ft³ | XL Model 990 ft³  (approximately)
Weight: Fully Assembled ~700 + lbs. (weights given are for fully dry wood. XL Model weighs approximately 300 lbs more.)
Standing & Shelf Height: Max Shelve Height Back Wall: 60″
Max Shelve Height Front Wall: 84″
Standing Access Back Wall Shelves: 72″
Standing Access Front Wall Shelves: 84″
Shipping: DIY/Contractor Kits Delivered Door-to-Door
(1) 53 x 44 x 60 +/- 700 lb semi-crate delivered to accessible area via residential freight.
Accessories may be shipped in separate box. XL Model comes in 2 semi-crates.


TufTex USA Poly-Carb Roof Panels | Light Transmission – 93% | 270° F to -40° F
Twin-Wall (6 mm) Poly-Carb Wall Panels | Light Transmission – 85% | 270° F to -40° F
Roof Angle – 25°
Roof Load – At least #800 lbs equally distributed over short periods of time. Days, not weeks.
Not suitable as a full time inhabitable structure.
Structure Topple Wind Resistance Not AnchoredNo greater than 40 mph!
Structure Topple Wind Resistance Anchored – Subject to anchor method chosen by customer.
Side Wall & Roof Panel Wind Damage Failure Point – Greater than 80 mph. Tested.
Orientation: Front of Greenhouse: Tall Side
Back of Greenhouse: Short Side
Left side of Greenhouse: Panels with the door
Right side of Greenhouse: Back panels opposite of the door
Product Placement: If AVM Option Ordered: The Front of the solar panel(s) should preferably face south.
No AVM Option: You may choose to place the front-facing south or north but ends should optimally run east to west.

D-Ring Tie Down Brackets come included with each Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ purchase.

4 Sets D-Ring brackets and mounting hardware
For use with ground anchors you provide
#1200 lb + strength each
Won’t rust
Search ground anchors at amazon for anchor options.

What to Expect
Our goal is for the purchase of your new Slant Roof Greenhouse™ to be as surprise free as possible. In our “What to Expect” section we take our experiences with 10,000 + conversations with customers and try to outline things we’ve learned are consistently  important. And of course, if there is some concern that we’re not addressing, just call us at 877-741-2667 and we’ll help you out in person.
Read carefully all the information about a product.  We’re not trying to hide anything, but to keep web pages less cluttered, many details are organized in tabs or toggles.
Carefully review information on your cart page. We try to answer questions there too.
Wherever you see the info icon or “Note”, we’re  trying to bring something to your attention.
Most of our products are delivered via freight because of their large size. We package your purchase carefully to protect it during transit. How your item is treated after it leaves our facility is outside our control, but we will make right any shipping damage whether its our fault or not.
Shippers will contact you by phone to arrange for your order to be dropped off at an accessible location at the delivery address.  Products are designed so that individual pieces can be transported by hand to their final place of assembly.

Written or digital instructions are provided for each order and “assembly overview” videos are available for most everything we sell to give customers a good idea of what is involved in assembling your purchase before you buy. Most of our products are designed to be assembled by 2 people and in all cases, by people of ordinary skills. We rely on you having a cordless drill, maybe a hammer, and in some cases, a tape measure.
We try to write instructions for a balance of visual and written use. If you hire a contractor, you’ll want to make sure they read instructions too.  Our products cannot be assembled without using the instructions as intended.  If you or your contractor do have problems during assembly, you can either call or text us.
The Solar AVM system cannot cool your greenhouse more than the outside temperature.  It ventilates.  If you require cooling, you may need to use a small properly ventilated air conditioning unit in addition to the AVM.
Accessories are made to work with our products.  We do not warrant their use with products other than those that they are intended for.
Temporary snow loads of less than 20 lbs per square foot on the roof have been accounted for. That’s a lot of snow.  However, snow should be knocked off often when possible. Icing on edges of roof may need to be addressed as well.


Slant Roof Greenhouse™ Assembly Video & Instructions

Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ Assembly Instructions

The Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ can be assembled in less than a day by 2 strong people of ordinary skill with a cordless drill, a hammer and a measuring tape. Everything else you need is provided. A flat level ~ 10x12 (or larger) area is a very important requirement for the greenhouse to assemble easily. These instructions will always be the most current.
Handyman Hotline: If at anytime you (or your handyman) needs support that the instructions or videos don't answer, just call us. You can even have your handyman call us in advance so that when they show up to assemble your greenhouse they're already up to speed.

Slant-Roof GreenhouseTM Instructions Web Res 24 meg PDF File Rev 4.0
AVM Online Instructions (dynamically updated)


Assembly Overview Video

We’ve created a short video that gives an idea of what goes into assembling a Slant-Roof Greenhouse™. It’s not intended to be “instructions”… just give you a good idea of what you’re getting into. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.

We’ve included an Amazon link here with ground anchor options for your tie-down kit.

The printed instructions that come with your Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ and the .pdf file of the Assembly Instructions are always the latest version.

Tie-Down Kit Instructional Video

If you live in an area that experiences higher than 40 mph winds, we recommend utilizing the tie-down kit that comes included in your Slant-Roof Greenhouse purchase. In this video, we cover ground anchoring options that work best for your location and instruct how to properly install your tie-down kit to your new greenhouse. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.