How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Spring

Tips on how to get your equipment ready for spring.

Spring is here and with it comes a list of to-do’s to ensure that everything is in place as you prepare for the growing season. To help you prepare your most reliable growing environment, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tasks to consider to ensure that your greenhouse is well prepared to meet your gardening goals this Spring.

Have Shade Cloth Available

What makes the greenhouse an ideal growing environment is its ability to maintain warmth. However, depending on where you are located, the concentrated heat doesn’t always play favorably for every type of plant. To control heat distribution we’ve created a greenhouse shade cloth to alter the diffusion of light reaching your plants. Shade cloth significantly cools your structure all while still providing the necessary light needed for optimal plant growth. If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, it’s a great idea to have shade cloth in stock. To protect your more light-sensitive plants, select from 40% or 60% of long-lasting polypropylene weaved cloth. Have a Slant-Roof Greenhouse, but forgot to order shade cloth? Give us a call at 877-741-2667.

Clean if Needed

Unlike glass greenhouses that require harsh chemical cleaners, our Slant-Roof Greenhouse uses polycarbonate which is both more resistant to damage and easier to clean. Simply use mild dishwashing liquid, water, and a non-abrasive sponge to wipe off any collection of outside dust or pollen from your panels or roof.

Tidy up, Reconfigure, or Add Shelving

Depending on the type of ground you have your greenhouse placed on, whether that is a cement platform, gravel, or dirt, you’ll likely have to do some sweeping or leveling of your ground space. Now is also the best time to reconsider any shelving reconfigurations that will best suit your needs both for space and efficiency. Our favorite part of our Slant-Roof Greenhouse is the ability to not only allow for generous shelving but also raised garden bed accommodation that beautifully matches the greenhouse itself. Shelving options are plentiful from major retailers such as Ikea and Home Depot, or you can choose to construct something unique for your space using items such as CMU blocks and wood. 

Supply or Clean New Potting Material & Items

If you have seedling trays, large plastic or terracotta containers, then it’s important to clean out each container prior to starting a new round of seeds to prevent introducing anything harmful. 

– For Terracotta pots simply brushing off any dirt with a hard-bristled brush and water should be enough. If there was an aphid, spider mite, or plant disease, we suggest doing a deep clean or replacing the pot. 

– To clean plastic seedling trays or containers, simply rinse with mild soapy water. You can also spritz some hydrogen peroxide for an additional boost of clean. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on how to prepare your greenhouse for Spring! For more backyard farming tips, check out our helpful blog posts written to help backyard farmers, like you, succeed.

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