Roost-over-Run Style Chicken Coops

Roost-over-Run Coops are home to over 15,000 hens in all 50 states...

Maintain from outside the coop
Convertible multi-climate
Models that hold 2-20 hens

Made predator tough so you and your chickens can get a good nights sleep.


Common Features

100% Western Red Cedar - No Paint Required... ever!

Predator-Safe Galvanized Locks & Hinges

Pre-Installed Welded Galvanized Livestock Wire

Advanced Long Lasting Beautiful Carpentry

Heat Reflective Patented Rounded Metal Roof

Proven Designs - 15,000+ Hens Call Them Home

50-State Hot or Cold Climate Versatility

5 Star Customer Care Before & After You Buy

Available Built-In No-Poop Poultry Waterers

Available Built-In No-Poop Gravity Feeders

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  • Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coops are Handmade in the USA

    Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

     Top Selling Roost-over-Run Model!

  • Urban Coop Company - Round-Top Sustain™ Chicken Coop

    Sustain Chicken Coop™ Model 20

     Low-Profile & Listed by Purdue University as ADA accessible.

  • Round-Top Mobile™ Chicken Coop

     Ultra-Portable and super stealth.

  • Duck Coop Front Right View

    Round-Top Duck Coop™

     Available to order by phone 877-741-2667