Starter Chicken Coop

© Image by Roost & Root | Chicken on Roost Bars
  • Chicken Count3
  • Egg Count Per WeekUp to 15/wk
  • Cost$599


Don’t settle for a cheap import coop that will only last a year or two and wont protect your chickens from predators. Keep up to 3 chickens self contained (4 with daily turn out) in our standard Starter Chicken Coop™. This coop is perfect for first-time chicken keepers and is small enough for any backyard. Say you’re not a newbie? This coop is the perfect isolation space or grow out pen for new birds. Available in a larger XL model too!

The All New Redesigned Starter Coop
Buy now for $599.

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13 Starter Coop Features
Upgrade your chicken keeping experience. Don’t settle for another cheap, Chinese coop!

2-3 Adult Chickens


Available Waterer & Feeder

Up to 14 Eggs Weekly

Long Lasting 100% Cedar

Smart Kits™

Protected Roost Area

Latches & Hinges

Integrated Run

Easy to Clean

All Weather Design

Predator Safe

Easy To Assemble Kit