Backyard Chicken Coop Model 2

  • Chicken Count5
  • Egg Count Per Week25/wk
  • Cost$1,199

Original price was: $1,999.00.Current price is: $1,199.00.

You deserve better! Don’t settle for a cheap import chicken coop that’s cute… but won’t last more than a season or two. These import coops makes caring for your hens a pain, and can’t adequately protect your chickens from predators. They’re just too cheaply made! Our all new Backyard Chicken Coop Model 2 looks great, works great, will last many years, and is predator safe. Keep up to 5 birds in this compact self contained hen house. Keeps a family of 3+ supplied with fresh eggs. Available in a larger xl model too!
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June 25th

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13 Backyard Coop Features
Upgrade your chicken keeping experience. Don’t settle for another cheap, Chinese coop!

Up to 5 Adult Chickens

Smart Kits™

~25 Eggs Weekly

Available Waterer & Feeder

Integrated Run

Predator Safe

All Season Design

Long Lasting Cedar

Heavy Duty Hardware

Easy to Assemble Kit

Easy to Clean

Welded Livestock Wire

Latches & Hinges