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  • Round-Top Walk-In Coop by Roost and Root

    Round-Top Walk-In™ Chicken Coop

    Our largest coop... and yes, it's over the top. Buy it because it looks great. Buy it because it works great.  Win win!

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    Prices Starting at $9,450 $5,590

  • Roost and Root - Walk-In Chicken Coop - Round-Top Loft Coop - Functional Walk in design makes chicken keeping easy

    Round-Top Chicken Loft­™


    Its A-frame shape allows generous space for up to 10 hens and its modular design is cost-efficient to ship and fast to assemble.

    Save 42% off now...

    Prices Starting at $6,249 $3,649

  • Roost & Root - Stand-Up Chicken Coop

    Round-Top Stand-Up™ Chicken Coop

    Keep up to 6 hens in this roomy paradise for you and your chickens and give your back a break.

    Save 35% off now...

    Prices Starting at $3,895 $2,549

  • Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

    It's like a chicken SUV for up to 10 hens... boringly amazing.  Keeps a family of 4+ supplied with fresh eggs!

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    Prices Starting at $2,699 $1,649

  • Round-Top Mobile™ Chicken Coop

    Stealth size and a much better way to do mobile for up to 4 hens! Shhh.  What the neighbors don't know can't hurt them.

    Save 43% off now...

    Prices Starting at $1,495 $849

  • Duck Coop Front Right View

    Round-Top Duck Coop™

    Finally, a duck coop made just for ducks. With the water feature, feeder, waterer, sun-pad and storm refuge, it has all the ingredients for fun, no hassle duck keeping. And like all Round-Top coops, it’s built strong and made to last.

    Save 37% off now...

    Prices Starting at $2,990 $1,895

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