EZ-Fill Waterer For Walk-In


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Poultry Nipple Option

Waterer comes with an industry standard poultry nipple which MAY freeze in extreme conditions if you live somewhere that deep freezes. We now offer an upgraded 3D Printed patent pending nipple which, in testing, does not freeze. No Freeze Nipple product page.

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Key Points

Custom Made to Match Your Coop

Holds ~ 8 gallons
Can be filled from outside the coop
Slotted cap for air inlet & heater cord thru-port
Made of food grade, UV resistant, rugged, PVC plastic
4 industry standard serviceable grommet style poultry nipples
Opaque for reduced or in most cases elimination of algae growth
Easily cleaned and sanitized for bio security
Unique horizontal overhead design takes up no run space
Freeze Proofing

Instructions For Freeze-Proofing This Waterer…

Coop waterers are shipped with a slotted cap that allows air in as the water goes down.
In addition to the slotted cap that we include with the 4" EZ-Fill waterers, you need a heater and we recommend a cord cover. We don't sell them as they're available online in many places
Water Heater: A submersible fish tank-style heater bought at Amazon, or elsewhere seems to work best. HEATERS MUST HAVE A THERMOSTAT AND BE DESIGNED TO BE FULLY SUBMERSIBLE. Immersion style coffee and soup heaters will not work.  
Submersible fish tank-style heater: https://a.co/d/9HEHUSD  
Cord Cover: Weatherproof Cord Cover like this one at Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/Farm-Innovators-CC-2-Connect-Water-Tight/dp/B002MHFXS8/ref=pd_bxgy_lg_img_y
Note: Wattage will depend on how cold it gets where you live. Generally something 50-100 watts will work in most locations. If you have questions, just contact us and we will share with you what we've learned from 100's of customers.
We make the slot big enough to allow a cord of an immersible heater to go through too.
Poultry Nipples: Keeping the water from freezing is half of the battle. The nipple can freeze too if exposed to direct sub-zero wind chill. Reports are actually best for the submersible fish tank-style heaters. Presumably, it keeps the body of water in the tank warmer. We also now sell a No Freeze 3D Printed Poultry Nipple that you may want to consider as an optional upgrade if you live somewhere cold.
Compatibility Note
Please Note: We have customers who from time-to-time purchase our accessories to use with non Roost & Root products. Due to the custom nature of our accessories design and fabrication, we cannot warrant the suitability of their use outside their intended purpose.
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