Where to Build Your Slant-Roof Greenhouse

here to Build Your Slant-Roof Greenhouse

So you just received your new Slant-Roof Greenhouse and now have to decide where to put it. You may have a beautiful location in mind, but before you begin assembly…it’s important to make a few considerations. Below we’ve compiled 3 tips for selecting the ideal greenhouse location.

1) Full Sun: 

Because your greenhouse is meant to thrive in full sun, it’s vital to not place your greenhouse in a shaded location. If your location is limited to full sun, we highly suggest trimming nearby trees to help attain enough direct sun. Not only will the sun need to shine directly above your greenhouse, but it will also need clearance to transmit through the sidewalls. Direct sun will ensure that your plants receive adequate heat energy year-round. Attaining enough full sun is especially important if you have an AVM system.


2) Near Your Home & Water Access:

It is particularly important to ensure that your greenhouse location is near a hosing system to make tending to your plants convenient. Especially in Fall and Winter, having your greenhouse in close proximity will increase enjoyment and usability year-round.

If you live somewhere where it snows a lot, make sure to leave plenty of room in the back for snow to be knocked off the roof and accumulate on the ground before cleaning.


3) Positioning – East to West:

For optimal light transit time, you want your greenhouse situated East to West from side to side. We recommend positioning your greenhouse east to west you’ll ensure that your greenhouse doesn’t get overheated in the summer. This direction setup will also provide the most sunlight during winter when sunlight hours are limited. If you bought the AVM Solar Ventilation System then the solar panel is optimally facing South with a clear unobstructed view of the sun. 


Prone to Heavy Winds?

Every greenhouse order comes with 4 sets of D-Ring Brackets and mounting hardware needed to stake your greenhouse with ground anchors. Conditional to the soil in your area, ground anchors can be purchased on Amazon to connect to your greenhouse. For guidance on which ground anchoring method is best for your area, refer to our video below!


Tie-Down Kit Instructional Video

If you live in an area that experiences higher than 40 mph winds, we recommend utilizing the tie-down kit that comes included in your Slant-Roof Greenhouse purchase. In this video, we cover ground anchoring options that work best for your location and instruct how to properly install your tie-down kit to your new greenhouse. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.

Live On An Incline?

Prior to building, we recommend creating a padded area of either crushed granite or other compact ground.  You can also build a platform using landscape or cinder blocks to create a level ground for your greenhouse location. A level ground to build your greenhouse on will ensure the best insulation year-round against weather elements and unwanted pests. 

We hope you found these tips helpful as you begin assembling your new greenhouse! Have questions or comments regarding anything mentioned in this article? Please feel free to email us at support@roostandroot.com or give us a call at 877-741-2667.