Fall Treats Your Flock will Love

Fall time is here and with it are a number of seasonal treats that your birds will flock to! Serve these autumn favorites as is or combine a few of these extra snacks to make an ultimate Fall feast.

Note: We do not recommend any canned variations of the foods mentioned below.



Pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, zinc, and potassium, all healthy additions to your flock’s diet that will boost their immune systems and support healthy growth development. Additionally, we recommend leaving pumpkin seeds intact because of the extra minerals and vitamins they provide! You can also choose to dry pumpkin seeds for your flock as a later snack. 


When it comes to preparing a pumpkin for your flock simply cut a small hole in either side to encourage and allow for your flock to begin pecking. Enjoy preparing any colored pumpkin or squash for your flock to enjoy! If you have a small flock, then we recommend gradually feeding pieces of pumpkin for your flock to share gradually. You may also opt to simply give your flock a smaller sized pumpkin as well. Make sure not to leave any pumpkin remains overnight in your flock’s coop as it may attract unwanted rodents or mold.



Corn is a great source of potassium for your flock, but should be accompanied by higher protein feeds to help with egg production and molting. 


When preparing corn on the cob for your flock we recommend removing or pulling back the husks. Corn husks pose no danger to your flock but it is not a treat that your flock will prefer. You may also hang the corn husk using twill for a fun hanging snack that your flock will enjoy. In addition to the fresh corn on the cob, you may also consider and see a dried whole and cracked corn, both of which are loved by flocks. If you choose to give your flock dried corn, we recommend no more than a handful.



Apples are a great snack-able option for your flock, offering vitamins and minerals, as well as pectin and amino acids. Since apples do not contain protein, we recommend it only as a treat. 


When preparing apples for your flock we recommend leaving the peel on but removing the core. The core may create a choking hazard for chickens, in addition, the seeds are seen as toxic if consumed in excess by your flock. You may choose to hang the apple on a string for your chickens to peck and enjoy or cut the apple into sizable chunks.


Fall Treat Combinations:

Looking to combine more than one Fall treat? Try these fun food combinations that your flock will enjoy! For both corn on the cob and apples, you can add peanut butter. Peanut Butter is a great source of protein as well as a great sticky substance to add on additional toppings such as grubs, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds. 

As you may have picked up with each treat, protein is a necessary nutritional factor in your flock’s diet! To help boost protein intake for your flock, we suggest adding grubs to your flock’s feed and especially to their treats! 

Looking to add protein-rich grubs to your flock’s diet by utilizing your very own leftover food waste? Your leftover food waste isn’t always healthy or recommended as a part of your flock’s diet, but there is a way to convert that food to a treat that your flock will love! The Grubcone offers an alternative to disposing of your food waste through a biowaste process that encourages the growth of grubs. This creates a perfect way to have a consistent and fresh source of protein for your flock while helping you reduce organic food waste. To learn more about this unique solution, make sure to visit our Grubcone product page!