Patented Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting Bin

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Save the world!  Magically make chicken feed.
You or someone you know eats food 😉 and makes food waste. GrubCones™ get rid of food waste. Just Google “food waste problem”  and read away. The patented GrubCone™ probably won’t save the world, but you could do your part to make a dent. And if you keep chickens, feed them fresh grubs too.

Please read Product Details section carefully and all tabs.  There are limitations to the successful use of a GrubCone™.  We guarantee the product, not your success. Magic is not easy 🙂

Some Definitions…

BSF = Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia ilucens)
BSFL = Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Now you know…

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Main Description

It’s pretty much magic.

The average American family of four throws away about 1600 pounds of food scraps annually. That’s a real problem for municipal trash services.

The patented GrubCone™ deals with food waste and as a by-product, produces a premium livestock feed… BSFL aka grubs! The cone shaped design allows the grubs to efficiently “Self Harvest” into a dish at the base of the unit… no touching. That’s good.

The grubs can be fed to chickens at a rate of about 75% Scratch Feed (much lower cost than Layer Feed) and 25% grubs… by weight. The grubs are a super-feed… 40% protein and high in fat. They must be supplemented by scratch feed (or other carb source) for laying hens to get the balanced nutrition required to maximize laying performance.

One GrubCone™ can provide feed intensification for 6-10 chickens and decomposes 2½ to 5 lbs of food scraps per day when operating in target environmental conditions. This will lower feed costs by 75% or more… and save the world.

The magic is you take food waste that was mostly carbs and would have been thrown away and convert it into high protein, high fat livestock feed or just have 2½ to 5 lbs of food scraps disappear into thin air. That’s pretty much magic.

How It Works

A wasp with no mouth… right.

Sort of a cut-n-dry explanation…

  1. Place GrubeCone in a shaded but dry outdoor area. Like under a carport or something like that. Out of direct sunlight. If in an enclosed area, leave a window(s) open.
  2. Load up cone with organic waste. Easiest explanation is food scraps. Peelings, leftovers, spent coffee, rotted fridge food, breads etc. Rotted fruit is gold. You could use feces and carcases (beleive me)… but that’s nasty and a whole other story 😉 Not paper products.
  3. Occuring right where you live (subject to Geographic Limitations tab) are boy and girl adult soldier flies which in the 10 day period of their adult life live for one reason only… to mate (while flying in the air by the way). They don’t eat or bite because they have no mouth. Really.
  4. During the last days of her life, the girl Black Soldier Fly looks for an awesome place to lay her roughly 1000 eggs. Our GrubeCone™ is designed to be an awesome place. She lays her eggs and before long, her and her mate die. Romeo and Juliet got nothing on a Black Soldier Fly.
  5. During the time that your BSFL colony is becoming “established” nuisance flies (that do have mouths) will no doubt also find the rotten food stash. No worries, once established, the BSFL win out and eat the house flies. Seriously. For about 2-3 weeks its gross. But once established, it really does not stink and there are very few house flies. Amazingly so. You have to experience to believe it.
  6. The food waste disappears because the growing larvae are very, very hungry and there are thousands of them growing inside the cone. While the colony is being established, reduce the food scraps introduced. But once its established, pour in as much as the cone will hold each day.
  7. Mature larvae start thinking about sex… (see item 3 above) things start getting too hot inside the GrubeCone™ and they start looking for a way out. Hmmm. If they dig down to escape, they fall through holes in the floor and fall into the catchment pan. If they crawl up the walls to escape, they fall between the dual layers… and into the catchment pan. Pretty clever.
  8. Feed the grubs from the pan to chickens, a pig, fish, ducks, geese etc… or sprinkle them out on the ground and let local birds eat them… or they just mature into adult mouthless Black Soldier Flies and the whole thing repeats itself.
  9. But in the meantime… once the colony is established, each GrubeCone™ will magically make disappear up to 5 lbs of food waste a day… actually pretty easily.
  10. When the season is over, the material left in the GrubeCone™ (pure organic waste and larvae castings) can be used in gardens or just sprinkled on the ground. It’s super rich and just smells like rich soil. We live outside Austin Texas, and in a season, I can put hundreds of pounds of scraps through a GrubeCone™ and only empty it once winter comes.

There you go. Make no mistake, there is skill and experience involved… but read all you want of scientific journals. That’s pretty much how it all goes down.

Geographic Limitations

Where you live matters… a lot.

Months Per Year You Could Expect It To Work

Zone 1: 0

Zone 2: 0

Zone 3: 0

Zone 4: 2-3

Zone 5: 3-4

Zone 6: 4-5

Zone 7: 5-6

Zone 8: 6-7

Zone 9: 7-9

Zone 10: 9-11

Understanding This Information More

BSFL grubs themselves are actually pretty resilient and don’t fully die off unless they freeze to death. Composting material gives off quite a bit of heat and the GrubeCone™ itself is dual walled. So can you actually find live grubs in the cone for a pretty long time throughout the year.

But cooler temperatures significantly slow activity, and therefore the grubs digestion of the waste, making the unit not as productive. A unit will stay fully productive as long as daytime temps get to 75°F. Temperatures for mating adults cannot drop much below 70°F at night and they are most active more in like the 80°F to 95°F daytime temps. Since its the mating that produces the eggs and the eggs that produce the larvae… there will be a reduction in new eggs being deposited in the cone except for in much warmer times of the year… basically reducing grub production from lack of new eggs being introduced.

In Haiti for instance, or extreme south Florida, its entirely possible for the units to run fully efficient 12 months of the year. As you go north, the yield expectations drop quickly and in fact will be zero in inland northern states or the furthest northeast states.


Key features of the GrubCone™.

The GrubeCone™ is no accident. Out of a passion to serve the people of Haiti we decided to start placing our chicken coops at schools in Canaan, outside of Port-au-Prince. A sustainable method to feed the chickens was required, en voilàGrubeCones™. Two years of development and testing culminated in a patent pending design that is functional and interesting to look at. Shipping is normally a killer on these sorts of devices, so it was made to flat pack and be assembled as a DIY kit by the purchaser.

6 ft3 Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composter
Dual Method Self Harvesting Design
Corrosion Free Fasteners
All Materials UV Resistant
Preferred Opaque Materials
Can consume 2½ to 5 lbs. of Organic Waste / Day
10 Year Service Life
100% Waterproof and Cleanable

Large Capacity Patent Pending Cone Shaped Design
Made from 100% US Sourced Recycled HDPE Plastic
Western Red Cedar Frame
Large Capacity Aluminum Catch Pan
Can Produce 1/4 to 1/2 pound of Fresh Grubs / Day
Very Large Opening for Loading Scraps
No Parts to Wear or Replace

No Chickens?

Just get rid of your food scraps anyway. Sprinkle grubs on the ground, put them in the garden, or just let them mature and keep the cycle going.

Assembly Overview Video

Assembly Overview Video

We’ve created a short video that gives an idea of what goes into assembling a GrubCone™. It’s not intended to be “instructions”… just give you a good idea of what you’re getting into. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.

The printed instructions that come with your GrubCone™ and the .pdf file of the Assembly Instructions are always the latest version.


Q. Can I use my poop?

A. Yes, but don’t.

Q. Can I put bin indoors?

A. Yes, but if no new adult BSF can get to bin, the cycle is interrupted.


Subject To Improvement Without Notice 🙂

Dimensions: Across Frame: 41 Inch Wide Octagon
Height: 24 Inches
Weight: Fully Assembled (Dry) About 25 lbs.
Capacity: About 6 ft³
Shipping Contents: DIY Flat Packed Kit Delivered In 1 Box 41 x 41 x 3 by UPS or FedEx – Home Delivery
1 – Fully Assembled Octagon Ring
4 – Mortise & Tenon Legs
2 – Inner Cone Halves
2 – Outer Cone Halves
2 – Support Cross Beams
1 – Swing Lid
1 – Interlocking Top
1 – Perforated Interlocking Floor
1 – Aluminum Catchment Bowl
4 – Support Beam Lock Blocks
# – Misc Ceramic Coated Screws, Bit & Bit Holder
# – Required Nylon Cone Assembly Nuts & Bolts
1 – 4 oz Bottle of Exterior Glue
1 – Plano Container Box
Material: Plastic Parts: 100% Recycled HDPE UV Resistant Plastic Sheet
Wood: Western Red Cedar
Assembly: DIY Kit about 1 Hour To Assemble – Need Cordless Drill
Estimated Service Life: 10 Years
Assembly & Users Guide PDF
We designed the GrubCone™ to be assembled by people of ordinary skill in about an hour. Needed tools and fasteners are included in the box with a set of current instructions. You provide a cordless drill, a hammer  and some elbow grease.
Handyman Hotline: If at anytime you (or your handyman) needs support that the instructions or videos don't answer, just call us. You can even have your handyman call us in advance so that when they show up to assemble your GrubCone™ they're already up to speed.
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