All about your Chicken Coop Storm Panels

Easily Removable Storm/Snow Panels Are Attached Via Clip

Cold weather is fast approaching, and if you have a Roost & Root round-top chicken coop, then you may already have your Storm/Snow Panels in stock and ready for use, or possibly already clipped on depending on where you live! Our simple twist and lock panel function is an easy way to prepare for inclement weather. As simple as our product may appear, there are a few special characteristics that make our panels ultra unique.


Our Chicken coop Snow/Storm panels are made from CoroClear® UV Stabilized material by CoroPlast®, a semi-transparent material that is made with 100% recycled UV protectant enriched polyethylene plastic sourced here in North America. Polyethylene is both waterproof and freezeproof and stays flexible. Although Coroplast can be found in stores, panels found in stores do not come with UV stabilization. Added UV stabilization is a custom application only offered directly through our manufacturer per our request. 

Our Twist Lock Storm Panel Clips are used to attach your panels, are 3D Printed from ASA plastic filament, and made here in the USA. The clips are highly weatherable, have great UV stability, and are freeze and waterproof. The clips are also specially manufactured with 3D printers right in our very own office! The plastic is the same that is used in automotive exterior plastic and will last many years in the sun. 


Why it’s a better alternative

Chicken coop Snow/Storm Panels are a much better alternative than other wind-blocking solutions. For example, tarps do not fit our coop wired panels and have a high likelihood of being blown away. Cardboard, although more custom to cut, will easily become soggy with rain or snow. 

As for electrical heat sources, with storm/snow panels attached, there becomes no need for the use of additional heat. Chickens are incredibly cold-hardy and when bundled together, will produce a great amount of heat. The key factor in whether or not your flock stays safe in the cold depends on high wind protection. Electrical heat sources are always to be used with caution and at one’s own discretion with full awareness of the dangers that may occur between electricity and inclement outdoor conditions. 


How we considered your flock

As experienced flock owners ourselves we only recommend tips that we wouldn’t be okay with our very own flock experiencing. As with all of our products, we safely test our with our very own flock before sharing them with yours. When we created our storm/snow panels, we found that our flock members reacted positively with their wired panels being covered.

A question we have received before is if transparent panels would be better, and the truth is chickens are quite indifferent to a clearer panel. In addition, using transparent material will be quite costly. Through consensus, we have found that a majority of our backyard farmers are in need of the chicken coop Snow/Storm Panels for roughly a quarter of the year only. A clearer and higher-priced panel that would be in use for a short period of time did not garner much preference. Clearer panels don’t offer a glass window-like quality either as the flutes between the panels still give a refractive appearance.  

We hope our blog post brings about reassurance that your chicken coop Snow/Storm Panels are perfect for protecting your beloved backyard flock. Have questions or comments regarding anything mentioned in this blog post? Please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 877-741-2667.