Twist Lock Storm Panel Clips


3D Printed Storm Panel Clip

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Provides positive mechanical attachment of our 4mm CoroClear® Storm Panels to 1/2″ x 1″ 16 guage welded wire.
For use with or without magnets.
These 3D printed clips are made from the same tough ASA plastic that is used in automotive exterior plastic parts and will last many, many years in the sun… probably longer than the CoroClear® panels themselves. Use this clips as replacement clips for our newer Gen 2 storm panels or as a supplemental holding device for our original Gen 1 magnetically attached panels. Sold in lots of 5 and each order will incur an $8 shipping charge for continental US addresses. If you are using as a supplemental device on your Gen 1 storm panels see the accordion below for installation and use instructions. These are a proprietary design and are intended to be used with our storm panels and our wire and cannot be guaranteed to work in any other circumstance.

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Product Details

3D Printed Twist Lock Storm Panel Clip V1

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Our version I clip is 3D Printed from ASA plastic filament made here in the USA. It is highly weatherable, has great UV-stability and is freeze and water proof.
  2. Clip is help onto the 4mm thick panel by a like material 3D printed retainer.
  3. If you are going to use to supplement or Gen 1 Magnetic panels see accordion section below.

Download Installation Instructions…

And also an instructional video on YouTube…

Twist Lock Clip Instruction Video

Supplemental Use on Gen 1 Magnetic Panels

Supplemental Use On Gen 1 Magnetic Panels…

In rare circumstances in blizzard conditions, wind gusts can exceed tropical force or even hurricane force and blow off one of your larger magnetically attached storm panels.  The 3D printed clip can be used as a supplement to your magnets. One clip on small and medium panels and two clips on large panels will provide firm mechanical fastening if you live in an area prone to these extremely high winter wind gusts.

You will need to make a 3/4 inch hole in your existing panel to install the clip.  Here are links to the tool that we recommend…

Product: 3/4″ General Steel Hand Punch..

Buy at Amazon or buy at Home Depot

And here is a link to the instructions…

Download Installation Instructions…