5 Uses for Your Greenhouse Other than Gardening

Slant-Roof Greenhouse

Greenhouses are as useful as they are beautiful! And you don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy one…their myriad of possibilities will inspire you. Here are our 5 favorite uses for a greenhouse aside from gardening!

Backyard Glamping

Camping in your backyard can be a great deal of fun, especially for younger children. Take the frequent kid-loved sleepover to be enjoyed inside the greenhouse. Prefer a more comfortable way to spend the night looking up at the stars? You’ll love looking up at the night sky from within a greenhouse. Camping is another great use of your greenhouse that can be a luxurious and fun way to enjoy your backyard space. Touch up your greenhouse to be an elegant space, without the concern of possums, or skunks making a visit! 


Fall/Winter Time Relaxation

Staying indoors can be tiresome during colder months. Instead of remaining inside your home, allow your greenhouse to be a warm retreat for fresh air and sunlight. Taking outdoor activities into your greenhouse can be an excellent way to enjoy activities such as drinking hot cocoa, carving pumpkins, or reading. 

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ (raised gardens sold separately)

Roost & Root Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ (raised gardens sold separately)

Greenhouse Wellness Space

Gardening in itself can be a zen-filled practice, just like yoga and meditation. If you prefer a bit of outdoor privacy or a warmer setting to enjoy your practice, a greenhouse can be a wonderful location. You can level a flooring space for your mat, include your favorite plants, and perhaps a table for tea. Have your very own dedicated outdoor wellness space to block out neighborhood distractions as you take in deep breaths of fresh air and practice your vinyasa. 

Hobby Studio

It can be difficult at times to find peace and quiet in your home to practice or study. Rather than remaining inside, consider making your greenhouse your seasonal outdoor space to focus on particular activities. Your greenhouse can be dedicated to your favorite hobbies as well as be a source of creative inspiration and peace. Choose to practice an instrument or improve your painting skills in your personal retreat. If you teach school lessons at home, consider taking an in-home lesson outdoors for your children to enjoy.

Entertainment Area

Looking to take group activities outdoors? Consider moving your book club or picnic inside your greenhouse to enjoy your time outdoors, minus the annoyance of pesky bugs. You can spend your morning brunch or afternoon coffee/wine with friends or family. Your greenhouse can also be an encouraging way to bring any screen-loving kiddos outdoors to enjoy sunlight without any fuss. Regardless of how you enjoy spending time outdoors, your greenhouse can be the ideal location to enjoy your serene outdoor space. 

Perhaps you choose to dedicate your space to one of the following ideas or maybe rotate to try each one! However you choose to spend time within your greenhouse, you’re certain to enjoy its ability to be a varied space of outdoor relaxation.  

We hope you find our blog post helpful as you consider your backyard garden space. For help in learning more about our Slant-Roof Greenhouse™ or gardening, make sure to visit our other blog posts! Have a question regarding what was mentioned in this article? Reach out to us! We’re real people and enjoy helping avid and or beginning gardeners everywhere! support@roostandroot.com, phone: 877-741-2667.