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Snow / Storm Panels | Walk-In Coop
Snow / Storm Panels | Walk-In Coop

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Main Description

Custom Made to Match Your Coop

  Attaches directly to a Round-Top Walk-In Coop™ and adds another ~40ft²
  Has 2 “clear threshold” rake-out doors
  2 large flip up access doors for cleaning and hen care
  Units can nest together for even more room
All hardware is included
Assembly Instructions
RTWC Instructions Rev G The Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ is no more difficult to assemble than any of our smaller coops, there's just a lot more of it. A flat level ~ 10x10 (or larger) area is a very important requirement for the coop to assemble easily. The only tools you will need is a cordless drill, hammer and a measuring tape.
Handyman Hotline: If at anytime you (or your handyman) needs support that the instructions or videos don't answer, just call us. You can even have your handyman call us in advance so that when they show up to assemble your coop they're already up to speed.
Round-Top Walk-In CoopTM Instructions 84 meg Hi-Res PDF File Rev M
SKU 732 Sunroom Addendum V1 3 meg PDF File

Compatibility Note
Please Note: We have customers who from time-to-time purchase our accessories to use with non Roost & Root products. Due to the custom nature of our accessories design and fabrication, we cannot warrant the suitability of their use outside their intended purpose.