Our Process for Building Chicken Coops

Every handcrafted chicken coop we build here at Roost & Root matters to us.  

We pride ourselves on using the best materials to make the best coops, but the very best materials in the wrong hands still won’t produce a great coop. From cutting materials to fabrication to packaging, everyone at Roost & Root plays a vital role in producing a great chicken coop.  No one role is more important than the next and without quality at each step it would be impossible to build a great product.

Cut Shop

At Roost & Root, we largely hand build your coop from scratch.  Each week, a shipment of raw cedar lumber is delivered to our location.  The folks in the cut shop handle every piece of wood – literally. They pick up each and every piece of lumber that is delivered and do their very best to ensure it is free from weird knots, cracks or ugly bits.  Once a piece of wood is deemed “coop worthy” it is then cut to size for use in a coop. 

Fabrication Shop

Once the wood is cut, the next step in the coop building process is the fabrication shop.  Once again, each piece of wood is inspected to make sure it is “coop worthy” and then our talented carpenters get to work fabricating the various components that go into making each coop.

Is it ALL built by hand?  Great question! Some of the parts that go into our coops are fabricated on a CNC machine. CNC stands for computer numerically controlled machine which means that a computer is guiding a cutting machine which makes for some very precise parts. 

But, the CNC machine is operated by a human, a super dedicated human that is making sure the computer is doing what a human has asked it to do! Have you seen our custom carved name boards?  Those are done by a CNC machine.

Quality Control

Next stop is the quality control department.  Basically a fancy name for couple of REALLY detail oriented folks at Roost & Root that pick up, measure and inspect every single part that goes into a coop. Luckily, not many errors are found, but handcrafting means humans and that sometimes means something is just a little bit not right.  


After QC it is time to get the coop packed up and shipped out. Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it? Not really. Our coops are heavy and must be able to withstand the….uh….rigors of sending it across the country in as few boxes a possible.  It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle getting a big coop to fit in the boxes and show up on the other end intact and undamaged. Guess what? Our packaging department also looks at every part before it goes into the box which means it goes through yet another quality control check!  Be sure to check out our coop unboxing video to see what we’re talking about.  

Obviously, so much more goes into your Roost & Root coop than is detailed above.  Important tasks like purchasing, design and customer service, but building a quality coop is critical to us here at Roost & Root.