5 Ways Raised Garden Beds Can Increase Your Gardening Success

Roost and Root Cedar, Food Grade Safe, 47" Wide Raised Garden Bed

If you are looking into starting your very own backyard farm, you may be contemplating the best way to begin. Depending on where you live, you may be uncertain about using your existing ground soil or investing in a Raised Garden Beds. Both of which have positive results, however depending on where your home is, you will likely find that Raised Garden Beds will offer long-term gardening success and look aesthetically pleasing. To further share the benefits of using raised garden beds, we compiled 5 ways Raised Garden Beds can increase your gardening success in your backyard farm. 

1.Reduced Weed Growth

Nobody likes having to pull weeds from their garden. For ground plants, weeds may be native to your soil and can be a never-ending battle unless you invest in a weed killer or pull them out yourself. Raised garden beds allow you to keep weeds at bay due to their inability to thrive in deep soil. If you do see some weed growth in your raised garden beds, we suggest adding a layer of mulch to block out sunlight that may encourage unwanted weed growth. 


2. Faster Planting

One of our favorite abilities with raised garden beds is the ability to see faster growth in your garden. This is partly due to the ability to better control your plant’s growth if you are transitioning them from plastic store-bought containers to the ground or growing your garden from seedlings. Additionally, the soil in your raised vegetable garden will warm up faster leading to bigger and better growth, however, we also suggest adding a layer of mulch to the top of your garden bed once daily temperatures begin to rise in your area to prevent your soil from getting too warm.


3. Better Drainage and Soil Control

If your backyard has poorly draining soil, you may risk having the soil erode from heavy rainfall, combine that with warm summer temperatures, and you will begin to see fungal growth that will damage your beautiful garden. Raised gardens can additionally help you if your garden is filled with tree roots and clay soil and will help you control the PH levels in your garden for growing particular veggies and fruit. 


4. Reduced Wildlife Damage

Wildlife damage can be a foreseeable possibility if your backyard garden is near the countryside, hungry critters, such as deer, and sometimes domestic pets can uproot and begin enjoying your garden before you do! Also, raising your garden bed will likely lead to a reduced risk of finding unwanted snakes that may be hiding in the shade of your large leafy plants. If you live in an unfenced area, you may benefit from Wildlife Covers as a cheaper alternative than fencing in your property, ensuring that your hard work will last season after season.


5. Less Stooping

Overtime bending down to plant or harvest your garden may eventually lead to some joint and muscle discomfort. Raised Garden Beds assist in minimizing the added pressure and strain on your body by reducing the constant up and down movements that come from harvesting your garden from ground level. Additionally, Stacked Raised Gardens may eliminate the need to bend entirely, allowing you to harvest and plant your garden from a standing position instead. 




We hope that you found this blog post helpful and enjoyable as you begin or continue your backyard farming journey. We appreciate you reading through and look forward to offering any assistance to your backyard farming journey! For questions and customer support reach out to us at support@roostandroot.com. We are real people and enjoy helping our past and future customers!