3 Ways to Use Eggshells in your Garden

3 Ways to Use Eggshells in your Garden

Whether you have a backyard flock of your own or not, leftover eggshells can help with a multitude of backyard gardening activities. Before you throw away those shells, consider 3 of our favorite methods for repurposing and recycling those golden yolk exteriors!

1) Seed Starter

When beginning seedlings from trays, it’s easy to get carried away with starting a multitude of seeds. If you find yourself out of seedling trays or simply prefer to limit your plastic use, consider collecting and using your cracked eggshells as seedling starters! Not only are eggshells much easier to replant, but they also add nutrients to the soil when replanted. 

P.S. You don’t have to crack the eggshell when replanting! 


2) Fertilizer

The inside of the egg isn’t the only place filled with vitamins and nutrients. Eggshells carry a great deal of calcium that can easily be absorbed by your plants when crumbled. Particular plants in your garden will especially thrive off the calcium boost. Such as tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, spinach, and eggplants! Additionally, if your favorite plants experience blossom-end rot, an extra dose of calcium from eggshells will give your garden favorites the needed boost to reach their best quality. Simply crumble shells and evenly sprinkle them around your growing veggies! In addition, if you compost, eggshells make for great additions to your pile! 


3) Mulch 

If you go through dozens of eggs and need additional ways to reuse your eggshells, consider mixing the shells in your garden mulch. Not only will this add to the sun protection, but it will also serve as a barrier to unwanted pests, such as snails and slugs. Make sure that when using eggshells in your mulch that you don’t finely crumble your shells, you’ll want shells to be jagged and large enough to create, at most, a climbable barrier for slimy pests. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our 3 tips for using eggshells in your garden! For more great backyard farming tips, make sure to check out more of our helpful blog posts written to help backyard farmers, like you, succeed. 

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