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Our Small Self-Sufficiency Package can provide significant amounts of fresh food for 2-3 persons. Buy it for the healthy lifestyle, buy it for piece of mind. Either way, you win!

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2-3 people 1+ bushels / week 24+ eggs per week

Space Required | Coop – about a 10×10 space (100 ft²) | Gardens – about 350 ft² (including walk space) in any combination you want. Greenhouse | about a 15×12 ft space (180 ft²) For detailed item dimensions, see “Product Specs” below.

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No paint, no problem. It’s cedar! Save time, and go au natural 😉
DIY assembly 12-15 “man” hours
* Assembly time estimates are for the base package. Some tasks require 2 people.

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We know you have options when it comes to purchasing your new chicken coop or garden products, but we’re confident that we will meet or exceed your expectations, and here’s why…

#1 We’re real people!  Our company is made up of real outdoor-loving people, just like you, and we’re excited to share our knowledge.  We don’t just sell products, we use them ourselves, every day. We do what we do every day of the week, and we love answering questions about what we sell.

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Region & Climate Considerations
Self-Sufficiency Packages


Airflow in a chicken coop is your biggest concern whether it's summer or winter. Chickens are much more susceptible to respiratory infections from stagnant air than they are getting too cold.  Our storm panels are used to provide extra protection from either excessive wet periods or excessive cold periods and are designed to fit loose enough to still allow for airflow. Any snow or rain that gets by is reduced to an amount that is not problematic. The following information is intended to give guidance for the use of this coop and if our optional storm panels are needed or not.

Snow/Storm Panels:

Extreme storms can bring too much of a good thing to the outdoor areas of any coop. Our snow/storm panels are for the run areas of your coop and add temporary extra protection for extreme sideways driven stormy weather in hot or cold seasons. Panels keep sideways rain and wind-driven snow from making things too sloppy in the run areas that chickens hang out in during the day. They are designed to be attached and detached during inclement conditions in warm or cold seasons, only when needed.

Panels are thin so they can bend to the shape of your new coop and are "translucent" to let light in. Where needed, ventilation is added to panels to make sure they do not cut off too much air circulation while still being able to protect your flock from... umm, fowl weather. Panels will not make your coop "waterproof" but will knock out the vast majority of wind-driven snow and rain in the "outdoor" run areas.

Freeze Protection:

All coop waterers are shipped with a slotted cap that allows the water to breathe air as the water goes down. We make the slot big enough to allow a cord of an immersible heater to go through too. Based on feedback, submersible fish tank-style heaters work best. Presumably, it keeps the body of water in the tank warmer.

Poultry Nipples:

Keeping the water from freezing is half of the battle. The nipple can freeze too if exposed to a direct sub-zero wind chill. That's why we create and sell a No Freeze 3D Printed Poultry Nipple that you may want to consider as an optional upgrade if you live somewhere cold.

Considerations for Zones 2-4

Adult well adjusted region appropriate full sized breeds will do fine. Place your coop in a well protected area from North winds if possible.  Extended use of storm panels to protect from too much snow accumulation and sub zero winds will be necessary. Knock piling snow off roof as needed.

Considerations for Zones 5-8

Adult well adjusted region appropriate full sized breeds will do fine in this coop with the use of our storm panels during periods of extreme cold or rain.

Considerations for Zones 9-10

Adult or juvenile region appropriate breeds as well as bantam breeds will do fine in this coop with the use of our storm panels during periods of extreme cold or rain or if birds are fully grown and not a bantam breed, use of storm panels would be considered optional.

How to Keep Your Chickens Cool in the Summer Heat


Greenhouses must be staked down to avoid toppling in greater than Tropical storm force winds (>40mph) but the panels themselves are tested to 80 mph winds. Shade cloth should be used in hot summer months in all regions when the temperature of the greenhouse exceeds the limits of the plants you are trying to grow. Air exchange in the greenhouse is needed to expel oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Our AVM system can maximize this exchange and help ventilate your greenhouse better in hot conditions, and only as needed in colder conditions.

Coop waterers are shipped with a slotted cap that allows the water to breathe air as the water goes down.
We make the slot big enough to allow a cord of an immersible heater to go through too.

See the Easy-Fill Waterer & Storm Panel accessory pages for your model coop for more details. There are links to buy the heaters that fit from Amazon or other stores.