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Snow / Storm Panels Coop

SKU 742 - Allows crucial sunlight in during winter months while still protecting from freezing winds and snow accumulation. Attached with 3D-printed retaining clips.

$399.00 each


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3D Printed Freeze-Guard² Poultry Nipple™

SKU 10010 - Patent Pending 3D printed poultry nipple that has been tested to not freeze down to 0°F when used with our waterers and a water heater. Discount reflects us not sending you the standard poultry nipples.
Each Walk-In Coop waterer uses 4 nipples.

We are shipping our improved Ver 2 of this product for the '19/'20 winter season. You should expect freeze protection down to around 0°F when used with a suitably sized heater and our waterers. Wind & Sun conditions affect performance.

Read product page details for complete information.

$15.00 $12.48 each

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