47″ Wide Stacked Modular Raised Garden Bed

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47" Wide Stacked Modular Raised Garden Bed | 1 Module

SKU 34711 - Double stacked 1 module set measures 47″ wide by 47″ long, and 28½ inches deep. Complete 8 panel kit with all needed hardware.

$499.00 each

47" Wide Stacked Modular Raised Garden Bed | 2 Modules

SKU 34712 - Double stacked 2 module set measures 47″ wide by 90½″ long, and 28½ inches deep. Complete 12 panel kit with all needed hardware.

$749.00 each

47" Wide Stacked Modular Raised Garden Bed | 3 Modules

SKU 34713 - Double stacked 3 module set measures 47″ wide by 134″ long, and 28½ inches deep. Complete 16 panel kit with all needed hardware.

$995.00 each
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Short Description

Roost and Root No Stoop Design

These 47 inch wide extra deep Stacked Modular Raised Garden Beds are made commercial tough yet have a distinctive style that will look great in any setting. This product is shipped with all needed hardware and panels to assemble in a double-height configuration. We offer lengths up to 3 modules online but there’s really nothing stopping you from going longer… just keep adding. Support dividers are included with each module ordered so everything stays straight. They’re more than twice as high as most competitive systems which means you only have to buy one unit for deeper rooting plants… like most vegetables. They are made of 100% USDA food contact-approved materials assuring a safe, non-toxic way of growing organic vegetables. The blind inset HDPE food-grade panels are made from 100% recycled plastic and will not rot or deform.

Quick Look

Roost and Root Cedar, Food Grade Safe Raised Garden Beds and wildlife covers

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Premium materials, craftsmanship and design makes these Raised Vegetable Gardens as tough as they are pretty…
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100% Food Safe

100% USDA Food Safe Cedar & HDPE assure that your fresh garden is... well,  fresh!

Real Cedar Wood

Premium-grade, long lasting real Cedar construction.

Soil Volume

30 ft³ of soil in each module provides a lot of room to grow.

Extra Extra Tall

Deeper rooting vegetables need deeper soil and these panels are over 28½ inches tall.

Wildlife Covers

Unique available "Wildlife Covers" protect your crop from unwanted critters in unfenced areas.

Long Lasting

Premium materials and construction will last a decade or more.

Fast Assembly

Two provided bolts (much stronger than screws) connect each panel to another. Quick and strong.


The Black & Cedar look is distinctive... modern but simple enough to look great in any setting.


Add to the basic unit and make it as long as you want. Each section includes all needed parts.

No Paint

The whole idea of cedar is to avoid painting. The fact that it's beautiful and long lasting is a bonus 😉


Cedar frames feature blind insert panels and "lap joints" which are both beautiful and strong.

Eco Friendly

100% recycled food grade HDPE plastic panels and renewable all Cedar frames are both very eco friendly.


Stack units for deeper rooting vegetables, trees or just to keep from bending over so far!

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Assembly Instructions

Raised Garden Bed Assembly Instructions

Here are the latest instructions in a downloadable pdf form for both the 24" and 47" Raised Garden Bed products. 2.0 Mb PDF File Version 4 May 2020

Assembly Video