2’x4′ Raised Flower Bed

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Short Description

These 24 inch wide 50½ inch long and 6½ inch tall Raised Flower Bed panels are made to be tough with their 100% all Western Red Cedar construction and 2×2 lumber stiffeners. They’re the perfect height for micro-greens, many shallow rooting herbs and vegetables… and of course, flowers! They are made of 100% USDA food contact approved materials assuring a safe, non-toxic way of growing organic food and won’t leach poisons into your flowers. The dado inset stiffeners along with the cedar wood construction will assure many years of trouble free performance. Comes complete with hardware (ceramic coated screws) and bit needed to assemble with your cordless drill.

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Key design features makes these simple panels super strong… and pretty too!
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Perfect Depth

6½ inches of soil depth, perfect for flowers, herbs and many plants.

Soil Volume

4 ft³ of soil in each unit... about 2-3 large bags.

Western Red Cedar

Premium-grade, long lasting real Cedar construction.

Long Lasting

Premium materials and construction will last a decade or more.

100% Food Safe

100% USDA Food Safe Cedar assures that your fresh garden is... well,  fresh!

No Paint

The whole idea of cedar is to avoid painting. The fact that it's beautiful and long lasting is a bonus 😉


Cedar frames feature dado stiffened panels which are both beautiful and strong.

Speedy Assembly

Use your cordless drill and provided ceramic coated screws. Quick and strong.

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Assembly Instructions

Raised Flower Bed Instructions

Here are the latest instructions in a downloadable pdf form for both the 2x4 and 4x4 Raised Flower Bed products. 1.5 Mb PDF File Version 1 Feb 2020

Assembly Video