Round-Top Chicken Coops

#1 Most Proven Premium Quality Chicken Coops In North America.

Multi-climate designs
Premium Materials
Handcrafted quality

Made predator tough so you and your chickens can get a good nights sleep.

10 Reasons Roost & Root® coops are better...

#1 Beautiful real cedar is naturally rot resistant and super strong.

#2 It's cedar... don't paint it. Give you and your chickens a break.

#3 Build something big & beautiful faster and easier with our proven DIY kits.

#4 Predator proof beefy galvanized locks and hinges keep hens safe.

#5 Super secure welded galvanized livestock wire. And its pre-installed too.

#6 Handcrafted carpentry work is both long lasting and beautiful.

#7 Proven designs - over 25,000 backyard hens calling our coops home.

#8 Hot or cold climate versatility proven in all 50 states.

#9 Optional integrated "No-Poop" waterers make hydrating hens a breeze.

#10 Optional Gen 2 "No-Poop" feeders clog less, stay clean and hold more.

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  • Urban Chicken Coop

    Built to be budget friendly… not cheap!

  • Round-Top Walk-In Coop by Roost and Root

    Round-Top Walk-In Chicken Coop

    Our Biggest Most Feature Packed Coop!

  • Roost and Root - Walk-In Chicken Coop - Round-Top Loft Coop - Functional Walk in design makes chicken keeping easy

    Round-Top Chicken Loft­

    That Classic A-Frame Design… In a Chicken Coop!

  • Roost & Root - Stand-Up Chicken Coop

    Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop

    Our Top Selling Walk-In Model!

  • Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop

    Our Top Selling Roost-over-Run Model!

  • Round-Top Mobile Chicken Coop

    Ultra-Portable and Super Stealth.

  • Duck Coop Front Right View

    Round-Top Duck Coop

    A One-Of-A-Kind Coop Custom Made For Ducks.