Do you use your coops?

Oh boy do we! We have anywhere from 50-100 chickens at our place at any one time. We are heavy users of our coops. Using our coops on a daily basis is one of the things we think makes a great product.

When a new product is introduced we build a prototype that we put into immediate use and then refine from there based on daily use. Are the latches secure? Do the birds sleep where they are supposed to? Do they lay where they are supposed to? It is easy to clean? These are all really important questions that we figure out from early use of the prototypes.

After a coop is put into production we continue to use them heavily. This helps us refine the coops we build and come up with product improvements. One example is the adjustable roost bar in the Backyard Coop. This improvement came about through our daily use with a variety of types and ages of chickens.

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