4 Ways to Lower the Cost of Chicken Feed

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate a varied diet for your flock while also saving on the cost of chicken feed, we’ve collected 4 simple ways you can begin to cut feed costs, some of which can be done at home! 

Shop Local

The cost of chicken feed varies considerably based on the brand. If you have a small local feed store near you, you’ll find that they often carry their very own brand mixtures of livestock feed that often beats the price of most major brands. Not only are you supporting a local business but their feed mixtures are often times just as good as more well-known brands.

Feeding Scraps

Before you place those unwanted fruit and veggie scraps in your garbage, consider sharing them with your flock members. This can include veggie stems, dark wilted greens, and fruit rinds. Not only will you be saving room in your trash, but you’ll also be giving your flock members much-needed vitamins and nutrition. Of course, it’s important to also verify what scraps won’t cause harm to your flock members as well, for guidance on what foods to avoid, visit the following resource here.

Grubs (Black Soldier Flies)

Considered a super-feed, black soldier fly grubs are a great addition to your flock’s diet that can not only easily reduce cost, but also food waste! Although scraps are loved greatly by our chickens, it’s not often that we find leftovers that are in the best condition. In the case of food that is spoiled, you can choose to recycle food waste in your Grubcone as it gets cycled through the Black Soldier Fly life cycle to create grubs. Grubs in turn have 40% protein and a high-fat ratio, all things that make adding them as a feed ratio a great choice. 

Grow Chicken-Friendly Plants

If you have a backyard garden then you already know how much your flock members love ripe veggies and fruits. Although you may not want your chickens munching on your harvest, they can enjoy a chicken-friendly garden space of their own. In addition to sharing over-ripe fruits and veggies with your flock members, you can also grow chicken-friendly plants that can supplement a good deal of your flock’s diet. A few chicken-friendly plants we love include, oregano, dandelions, swiss chard, and fennel!